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Up Close with Stemilt's Skylar Rae Cherries

Meet Skylar Rae® brand cherries. The Tip Top cherry cultivar, which goes to market as Skylar Rae®, was discovered by the Toftness family on their high-elevation orchards in Wenatchee, WA, back in 2005. This unique variety with unknown parentage produced a bi-colored cherry with incredible firmness and the highest sugar levels of any other commercially grown cherry (ranging from 23-25 Brix).

Skylar Rae® cherries are packed and shipped exclusively by Stemilt, and are only available between mid-June through late July, moving from Mattawa to the high elevations of Wentachee, WA. Stemilt is marketing two different packaging styles for Skylar Rae®, a 1.25 pound pouch bag and a dome style 1-pound clamshell. Pick them up while you can, because they’ll be here and gone before you know it.