Julie Olivarria, Vice President, Merchandising Manager Produce, Canned and Frozen, Sysco

For years, The Snack has been one of my go-to resources for insightful articles and industry leader perspectives. I appreciate the diverse topics covered, from showcasing innovative new products to in-depth dives into relevant issues. And AndNowUKnow (ANUK) doesn't miss a beat in the industry. ANUK's daily insights deliver everything you need to know: fresh news, top players, and hot new or seasonal offerings, all in a concise, time-saving format.

Greg Palmer, Procurement Director of Potatoes, Carrots, Onions, Squash, and Root Veg Other, Loblaw Companies Ltd

I use these publications, SNACK and AndNowUKnow, to find new innovations and learn about my peers in the produce industry. The stories shared help develop organic and grassroots connections among ourselves by learning about challenges and successes across the many different commodities. These publications offer unique perspectives of all things produce, and bring together the work and the lived experience. I look forward to reading the WTF (What The Fork) features and finding new ways to use a fruit or vegetable, and the Mentors in the Making to learn about young folks who are making waves!

Luis R. Webb, Vice President of Operations, GR Fresh

We have had an exceptional experience with AndNowUKnow and The Snack Magazine, and they have significantly bolstered our overall market presence. The innovative and informative approach has helped us establish a strong and lasting connection with our customers, elevating our brand's visibility, and influence in the market. We look forward to continuing this successful partnership to further enhance our market presence.

Mark McEwan

Chef and Restaurateur

The Snack provides a deeper look into the world of food. The magazine beautifully showcases new innovations and products in the produce industry, but more importantly, the wonderful stories of those who drive it. The Snack opens readers’ eyes into the journey of how food arrives onto our plates every day.

Charlie Eagle

Vice President Business Development, Southern Specialties

Produce gone glamorous! The Snack is a unique publication I always look forward to receiving. I love learning more about those folks I meet at industry events or work with every day.

Gene Harris

Senior Purchasing Manager, Denny's Corp.

The Snack is an informative publication with interesting stories & information, surrounded by beautiful & artful photography! I truly look forward to reading every issue!

Chris Keetch

Director, Produce & Floral , The GIANT Company

I really enjoy both The Snack and the daily ANUK emails. They truly are 'bite-sized' pieces of valuable information from across our very broad and diverse industry! Quick and easy to read during the hectic workdays, all while not minimizing the impact of the content.

Mike Orf

Assistant Vice President of Produce Operations, Hy-Vee

There is something for everyone in 'The Snack.' Another relevant resource that helps me stay connected. I appreciate the thoughtful insights and stories of so many of the leaders across our industry.

Reggie Griffin

Former Kroger Executive, Founder of Reggie Griffin Strategies

The Snack touches on the human element and personal stories of our peers. Our industry has some incredible people who do amazing things both personally and in their daily businesses. It's great to hear the story behind the person or the company.

Mike Venton

GM Fresh CO, Sobeys

The industry stories are great and I always get educated and entertained. The illustrations are great as well, and the quality of the print material is fantastic. Very easy to read.

Tommy Wilkins

Director of Sales & Business Development, Grow Farms Texas

The Snack is a wonderful periodical that has brought many of the stories of individuals and companies in the industry to life. Product education has been cutting edge. The pictures and insights introduce aspects of companies and producers in a way we never get to see. The Snack has taken a more precise, in-depth look into many of the stories relevant to the produce industry. I always look forward to the next issue.

Casey Houweling

Chairman, Houweling’s Group

Our company has enjoyed seeing the emergence of the SNACK among the top print, trade publications. It is a fresh approach to trade media.

West Mathison

President, Stemilt Growers

The Snack delivers relevant content that personalize the people of produce.

Teri Miller

Senior Category Manager, The Fresh Market

I look forward to getting The Snack each month. So does my husband and he isn’t in the industry! It’s a FUN read but at the same time informative. I’m forever tearing out articles to file for follow-up on either a grower, product, or friend. 

Now that I’ve been with two completely different retailers, The Snack brings an ideal perspective. The Snack encourages me to consider the differences in customers. OMG! The customer has changed so much in the past five years and I can’t imagine that this change will slow down.

Thank you to The Snack for giving me the tools for my job and bringing a smile to my face as I read the delightful articles!

Jan DeLyser

Vice President of Marketing, California Avocado Commission

The Snack provides unique and in-depth profiles of companies, products and people in the produce industry. The WTF (What the Fork) section provides produce recipes for produce people and is fun to read.

Karen Caplan

President & CEO, Frieda's Specialty Produce

The Snack Magazine has evolved into an easy to read, interesting publication that features in-depth stories on people in the industry that gives insights you wouldn't get other places. For example, after reading THE SNACK's story on a design agency, we ended up hiring them! The SNACK has taken a different approach in format and form from any other publication in our industry.

Sarah Pau

Category Analyst, China, Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers

The Snack magazine is in tune with the latest trends among consumers and provides great insight within the produce industry. I always am looking forward to the day I see their magazine in my mail!

Dan'l Mackey Almy

President and CEO, DMA Solutions

Whoever said print was dead, was dead wrong! For me, The Snack represents the 'here and now' of where print needs to be. I love the visual storytelling that makes this publication so unique. The team at AndNowUKnow has brought us a product to appreciate and to learn by.

Steve Burnham

Former President, Safeway Eastern

I love getting "The Snack" as it is a lively and fun publication for the produce industry. The stories and the pictures are great and it continues to help keep us connected here in the Eastern SWY division.

Paul Mastronardi

President and CEO, Mastronardi Produce

The Snack is a fun, informative resource for the produce industry. Its take on everything from consumer trends to flavorful recipes is a refreshing go-to here at SUNSET.

Kristin Yerecic Scott

Marketing Director, Yerecic Label

What a beautifully put together magazine! The articles are so fresh and photography is beautiful. I just wanted to send a big pat on the back over to the whole ANUK team--awesome work!

Rex Lawrence

President, Joe Produce

Finally a magazine that speaks to us (the trade) as people and consumers, as well as produce professionals. This is something that I bring home and leave on the coffee table.

Paul Kneeland

Executive Director of Fresh Operations, Gelson’s Markets

The Snack magazine is one of the most interesting publications I receive. It's not just the content, but the way it is delivered. It is clever, intriguing, and compelling. The quality of content is outstanding and very new. The Snack hits all the points. A home run for sure.

Bruce Peterson

Former Wal-Mart, Senior Vice President of Perishables, Founder of Peterson Insights, Inc.

I really look forward to receiving my copy of The Snack. I appreciate reading about industry leaders, both past and present, and their insights into the industry in general, and their own personal business perspectives. For me, the produce industry has always been about people and relationships. And at a time where it seems as though numeric analysis trumps experience, it's refreshing to hear the voices of people who have made, and continue to make, a lasting impression on our industry. Keep up the good work!

Dave Swartz

Director of Produce, Cash&Carry Smart Foodservice

The Snack has such a great presentation, it's amazing. I like the bio pieces that introduce us to the people in our industry. I enjoy hearing them discuss their passion and the back story about how they got into the business.

Lisa McNeece

VP of Food Service & Industrial Sales, Grimmway Enterprises

I always look forward to receiving The Snack for many reasons. Time being number #1. It highlights the contents in bold colorful graphics that draws my attention to the articles I want to read. Notwithstanding, I read the entire magazine (front to back) due to it’s current events on industry, people and hot topics. It provides information both to newbies and the veterans of the produce industry. Kudos to The Snack for keeping it Real.

Mimmo Frazone

Director - Produce & Floral, Longo Brothers Fruit Markets

The Snack is always ahead of the trends its informative, innovative and FUN! Every story is always relevant to the season and they continue to get better and better. I am always waiting for the next issue to be published.

Greg Corrigan

CEO, United Vegetable Growers Cooperative

The Snack is one of my favorite trade magazines out there! I even started having an issue sent to my home address just to make sure I don't miss it. I think it is fun, educational, and I like the way you highlight things from categories, to people in the industry.

Scot Olson

President of North/North West Division, FreshSource, LLC

The Snack is my new favorite produce read! It is fresh, relevant and a quality read from the pages it is printed on, to the stories the Snack team is covering!

Cindy Jewell

Vice President of Marketing, California Giant Berry Farms

My favorite print publication is The Snack because it’s classy, hip and relevant. Each month there are great personal stories of industry innovators, fun recipes under the title of WTF and overall great content so I never throw my copy away. It’s the perfect coffee table book!

Julie deWolf

Director of Retail Marketing, Sunkist Growers

"The Snack is a great publication to learn about our entire industry as it has a comprehensive focus on both companies and the individuals themselves, and it covers all sectors of produce in a beautiful, easy-to-read layout."

Todd Linsky

Founder, Todd Linsky Consulting

I’m so appreciative of the work presented in The Snack. It is innovative, informative, and intelligent dialogue. The team demonstrates respect for the history of the industry while walking us toward the future as it sheds light using WTFs, guest editorials, Snap Shots and other topics of interest. I can count on the Snack for a good read every time.

Frank Swanson

Category Manager, US Foods

The Snack is the one publication that catches my attention when it arrives and catches my attention on my desk to read what is inside!

Monina Knox

Produce Sourcing Specialist & Consolidation Lead, Sobeys

The Snack is a must have magazine! I always look forward to receiving my copy. It is informative and introduces me to the wonderful people that are in the produce Industry. The pictures and articles gives me insight about other companies, up and coming innovations and accomplishments within the field. Most importantly, The Snack keeps me connected to the community of Growers, brands and is a good resource for networking and engagement.

Dan Canales

Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Processing, Ippolito International

We always look forward to getting the latest edition of The Snack magazine. In this day and age of constant e-mails and on line information, it’s refreshing to get an upscale magazine that is done with excellence. The articles also have a personal touch that gives more insight within our industry on the companies and people that makes us unique.

Tony Incaviglia

Vice President Sales and Marketing, GR Fresh

The Snack humanizes our industry, companies so often are defined solely by the products they provide but THE SNACK also focuses on our industries most precious commodity, it’s people. Articles often expand on a company’s history and its chronological maturation process. It tells the story of our peers and who they are. I love those stories and the transparency they offer.

John Chamberlain

Vice President Marketing, Limoneira

The SNACK has brought something unique to the industry. It’s a more sophisticated read and the graphics are top-notch. Journalistic artistry runs through the publication and creative minds behind the news are evident. It’s definitely not the same dull drill….. Nice to have a platform that is a little more polished!