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The Swiss Army Knives of Our Businesses: 40 reasons to love HR

The Swiss Army Knives  of Our Businesses:  40 reasons to love HR

So, what do Human Resource (HR) people do anyway? They are some of the first people we meet when joining a company and, often, the last when leaving. But what the heck are they doing in between? Good question! As often as we work with these folks, I didn’t really grasp the full repertoire of what they’re expected to know and do until I started Joe Produce.

Oh my goodness...these folks have to know and do a lot! There are many so-called “glue positions” throughout companies—the people who hold things together. And, like glue, they’re not always recognized, or even seen, unless the glue stops working, of course. 

Nowadays, a great HR team is indispensable. In a growing number of companies, they have moved beyond the administrative role and are in the boardroom as part of the leadership team. Titles such as Vice President of Human Resources or Chief People Officer (CPO) are common leadership roles within HR.

Here is a list of duties and responsibilities of HR professionals:

1. Total company personnel oversight, Field to C-suite 
2. Management support
3. Employee support
4. Payroll, in conjunction with Accounting
5. Personnel needs and labor forecasting
6. Job description creation
7. Recruiting talented new and potential employees
8. Marketing and employer branding
9. Interviewing candidates
10. Compensation management, including tracking trends and forecasts
11. Onboarding and development of new employees 
12. Employee relations
13. Organizational chart development and management
14. Cultural ambassadors
15. Employee safety and company risk management
16. Advisors and counselors to employees
17. Advisors to leadership and ownership
18. Drive and measure cross-training
19. Cross-training
20. Vacation and PTO tracking and management
21. Company policy creators and champions
22. Career planning
23. Employee staffing and benchmarking
24. Employee benchmarking
25. Benefits administration
26. Performance appraisals
27. Employee health COVID-19 management, within state and fed laws and policies
28. Primary employee mental health contact support
29. Harassment experts
30. Labor efficiency and cost management recommendations
31. Exit interviews
32. Union relations and negotiators
33. Legal experts on county; state; and federal laws, policies, and practices
34. Immigration and migrant labor experts
35. Training, developing, and guiding employees
36. Terminations
37. Conflict management and resolution
38. Annual reviews
39. Budget forecasting
40. Safety Compliance Office, risk management, instruction, and enforcement

Amazingly enough, I know that I’m missing some items on this list. 

From a recruitment perspective, this segment of our industry is going to continue to grow and demand smart and empathetic leadership and people. Perhaps you or your children might consider HR as a career track. There is great money in HR, as well as many jobs and opportunities for advancement and growth. It’s a rewarding profession for those who like to be involved with all the aspects of business and for those who enjoy people.

So, next time you walk by the HR Department and have the occasion to work with one of these folks, think about everything that is on their plates, and thank them for all they do to make your job and business successful. 

HR, otherwise known as HUGE RESOURCE! 

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