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Citrus Suppliers SnackChat

Citrus Suppliers SnackChat

Citrus can be traced all the way back to the Miocene Epoch, when saber-toothed cats roamed the Earth and the planet’s temperatures started to cool. To say that this category has stood the test of time seems a bit, well, obvious. Twenty-some million years have passed, and we’re still hungry for the varieties that have cropped up across the globe. We spin that globe now to the United States, taking in the sights, sounds, and potential sales that come with domestic citrus programs...

Carrie Briones,

Head of Sales and Grower Relations, LIV Produce

“LIV Produce is looking forward to an amazing season, having increased our packing capabilities and our grower base, something for which we’re very thankful. LIV Produce is able to bring in this additional volume because of our growers and we pride ourselves on how well we care for our supply partners. In addition, we also increased our varietals and will have lemons, Sweet Meyer lemons, Cara Caras, Navel oranges, and grapefruit available for our customers. One of our strongholds in the industry is our volume and supply. For example, we’re in production on our grapefruit and we have the ability to be nearly year-round on that. While volume for the industry as a whole might be lower than previous years due to weather events that transpired over the spring and summer, we here at LIV Produce evolve and continue our growth, and are better positioned than ever in the marketplace. This year, we hope we can pack more units than we’ve ever packed! For retailers looking to maximize sales this winter, it’s important to build large enough displays to show commitment to the season.”

Cassie Howard,

Senior Director of Category Management and Marketing, Sunkist Growers

“With fall upon us, we’re getting ready for our favorite time of year: the return of Sunkist Growers citrus favorites, including Navel oranges and easy-peel California Mandarins. For citrus fans, it’s an exciting season, and through our enhanced category management program, we are learning more about what inspires them. Sunkist is able to engage with consumers to find out what exactly they want to see in stores and share that feedback with our retailers in real-time to drive the category. We know that consumers prefer to shop for produce—particularly oranges—making fall the perfect time to capitalize on our marketing and merchandising tools to drive demand. Like sweatshirts, football, and pumpkin spice lattes, we at Sunkist Growers take comfort in the season’s classics. Our Navel oranges bring fiber, folate, and vitamin C to all your food dishes, giving consumers plenty to celebrate during fall’s festivities. Spoiler alert: That’s why they’re so essential.”

Monique Mueller,

Director of Communications, Bee Sweet Citrus

“Fall is a wonderful time to market the citrus category because of all the diverse varieties currently in season. While Mandarins and oranges remain popular choices for healthy snacks, many of Bee Sweet Citrus’ specialty citrus varieties can elevate the flavor of traditional holiday meals with their bright and bold flavors. To help retailers capitalize on promotional periods, our team has developed new point-of-sale (POS) material that highlights the characteristics of our citrus line. Not only do our display bins create more shelf space at the store level, but their vibrant graphics can help introduce new varieties to shoppers who would otherwise be unfamiliar with them.”

Nichole Towell,

Director of Marketing and Packaging Procurement, Duda Farm Fresh Foods

“Each fall, we look forward to enjoying sweet and juicy Florida citrus through late spring—this year would be no exception. Florida’s abundant rainfall, sunshine, and warm temperatures serve as the ultimate environment to grow the freshest citrus each season. According to Tastewise, the top flavors and ingredients for citrus in 2023 are related to bread and cake. Merchandising oranges and grapefruit with cake pans, handheld juicers, zest graters, and cake mix can help increase shopper baskets and encourage citrus usage for baking.”

Craig Morris,

Citrus and Grape Category Director, Homegrown Organic Farms

“Thanks to our kids’ soccer games every fall, we all know that citrus makes for a quick, nutritious, and delicious snack. Retailers can create awareness around the numerous health benefits of citrus, including their immune-boosting properties and vitamin C content, which can encourage repeat purchases throughout the season. Inspire shoppers with informative signage on their health benefits and versatile culinary uses. Citrus can be used in the kitchen as a flavor enhancer, but also as a key ingredient in various dishes and beverages. From zesty citrus salads to tangy citrus-infused cocktails, the versatility of these fruits is endless. Retailers can capitalize on these trends by offering recipe cards and promoting citrus in combination with other trendy ingredients. Showcase the flavors of the season by displaying a colorful array of winter citrus fruits in eye-catching arrangements.”

Maile Devers,

Sales Executive, Fowler Packing

“Peelz season is here! Fowler Packing is ready for this Peelz citrus season with new and exciting offerings to round out the citrus basket. Whether you’re looking for promotional support, digital activations, cross-merchandising, or big and bold point-of-sale (POS) displays, Peelz is the strategic partner of choice to invest in your category. Consumers have access to copious amounts of information about retailers and products via technology. With that comes higher expectations and requests for personalized promotions and consistently available products. Let the Peelz brand tell a story on your shelf—consistent branding of high-quality citrus with multiple varietal offerings ranging from Mandarins, Navels, Cara Caras, Blood oranges, Minneolas, Dekopons, and lemons at the best value. The retailers that deliver what consumers demand will thrive in winning a bigger share of the minds, hearts, and wallets of the consumers they delight. What can I say? The Peelz slice is right.”

Becky Wilson,

Vice President of Operations, Tom Lange Family of Companies

“As citrus continues to be a consumer favorite throughout the winter months, there are multiple opportunities to promote the category within the produce department. Citrus is an excellent addition to both savory and sweet holiday dishes, as well as the ideal snack for busy consumers looking for a healthy snack during a time of year when stress levels can ride high. Cross-promotion can be a huge win for retailers looking to ramp up sales and drive more shoppers toward the healthy benefits of citrus.”

Nicole Sandoval,

Senior Category Management Analyst, Kings River Packing

“Citrus remains a staple in many households, with over 82 percent of consumers purchasing it each year. Although delicious eaten on its own, retailers can help drive sales by encouraging consumers to gather together around the sharing of food, especially during the holiday season. Whether it is drying orange slices for a garland, dipping Poppies Mandarins in chocolate for dessert, or using lemons as a natural household cleaner, our citrus lineup was Grown to Share. As consumers look for product information, retailers can use in-store displays and social media to promote the shareability of citrus. Be on the lookout for new offerings such as Pummelos and our organic lineup!”

Bianca Kaprielian,

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner, Fruit World

“At Fruit World, we get pretty jazzed about the California winter citrus season—the aromas, the juiciness, the zest! In addition to all the health benefits of vitamin C, citrus season offers a wide variety of fruits for so many occasions. Mandarins offer peelable, poppable fun for kids and grown-ups alike, Navels and Cara Caras are great for elevating salads, and lemons are a cooking staple—not to mention they make a kitchen fruit bowl look on-point! The citrus category offers something for everyone.

We’re excited to introduce a fresh look for our brand this season, continuing our tradition of bringing bright, bold, and fun retail packaging to the market. We love making citrus retail displays stand out and draw in consumers.” 

Citrus Suppliers SnackChat