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Apples SnackChat

Apples SnackChat

Sight, sound, smell, taste, touch—the apple is an expert in appealing to all five senses.

From the bright reds, yellows, and greens that decorate displays to the crisp crunch that emits when the fruit is first bitten into, a sensory awakening occurs each time a consumer encounters an apple. While the refreshing aromatics may be what draws them in, it’s the flavorful experience that establishes the offering as a staple on shoppers’ grocery lists. If you’re looking to up your game in an already sought-after category, take some tips from these renowned apple specialists…

Brianna Shales,

Marketing Director, Stemilt

“November is prime time for promoting apples as harvest is complete and top varieties like Gala, Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, and Fuji are readily available. According to Nielsen retail scan data, apples are 6.2 percent of total produce dollars in November. Retailers should look to drive this important category via regular promotions and a focus on the top two club apples for this period: SweeTango® and Envy. There are also great tie-ins for apples to the Thanksgiving holiday, while packaged items like Lil Snappers® and Artisan Organics® sustainable four packs (EZ Band) are ideal for delivering convenience to shoppers during this busy time of year.”

Jason Bushong,

Wenatchee Division Manager, Giumarra Companies

“Shoppers love apple season, and we are excited to share that we have expanded our domestic crop of Lemonade apples in collaboration with Apple King from Washington and Rice Fruit Company from Pennsylvania. Consumers are captivated by Lemonade’s bright yellow hue, invigorating tang, and satisfying crunch, and we continue to grow our volume to meet soaring demand for this exclusive variety. We’ve been busy working with our retail partners to plan targeted in-store and digital promotions to excite consumers and boost sales of bagged and bulk apples this season. The variety adds a tasteful mix to our ever-expanding menu of premium domestic apples, which also includes Fuji, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, Red Delicious, and Royal Gala.”

Blake Belknap,

Vice President of Sales, Rainier Fruit Company

“It’s that time once again! Apple season is in full swing, and there’s plenty of beautiful fruit to go around thanks to great growing conditions this year. Rainier is thrilled to bring on a new vertically integrated partner this year that will augment our existing menu of premium Honeycrisp, Cosmic Crisp®, and Pink Lady®. Additionally, there will be promotional availability of Envy and traditional favorites Gala and Granny Smith. In response to continued consumer curiosity about the origins of their food, we’ve built educational materials and content to help retail associates be the experts on all things apples.”

Emily Autrey,

Marketing Manager, FirstFruits Farms

“Apples are an important staple in the produce aisle for retailers year-round, but especially during the fall season. These versatile fruits are not only iconic in many cultures worldwide, but they are also people’s go-to choice when looking for a simple, healthy snack that’s both budget- and family-friendly. That’s why growing exceptional fruit for families is our mission at FirstFruits Farms. This year, our larger volume crop means outstanding quality across all varieties. Retailers can capitalize on the season and the larger crop by planning multi-variety ads, promotions, and cross-promotions in-store and online. It’s important to highlight high-flavor varieties like Opal®, Cosmic Crisp®, and Honeycrisp on the digital storefront to make sure apples are top of mind, no matter how consumers are shopping. Our team offers robust marketing and category management support for partners looking to drive sales this fall season.”

Rochelle Bohm,

Vice President of Marketing, CMI Orchards

“CMI Orchards is the ‘fruitful’ intersection where variety meets excitement. Our offerings extend beyond the ordinary, showcasing not just conventional, but also organic core and exclusive branded apples. With our new crop comes opportunities for retailers to maximize on our huge varietal selection, beginning in August with sought-after Smitten® and Ambrosia Gold®, followed by other fan favorites like Kanzi®, SugarBee®, Jazz, Envy, KIKU®, EverCrisp®, Cosmic Crisp®, and Sunrise Magic®. Through our omnichannel marketing strategies, savvy retailers stir up enthusiasm in the produce aisle, capitalizing on our eye-catching, high-graphic displays and customizable programs. CMI is the perfect one-stop shop where retailers find the products and the passion to bring some of the best-tasting fruit to shoppers all over the globe.”

Mac Riggan,

Director of Marketing, Chelan Fresh

“Apples announce the start of fall and kids going back to school. A great offering to spotlight during this time is our Lucy Rose and Lucy Glo apples. Because of the striking red flesh and good eating quality, retailers can really drive a point of differentiation with red-flesh apples. Rockit, our miniature apple, is a great snack item that is very uniform in its flavor and crunch. These apples drive loyalty with consumers through their consistency, and they’re the perfect size for kids or other consumers who are on the go. Chelan Fresh offers eye-catching display bins for our newer varieties like Cosmic Crisp®, SugarBee®, Rockit, and more. Retailers should lean on their vendors for help with displays, so they can elevate the floor up to the selling level.”

Sarah Lucas,

Director of Retail Strategy, Superfresh Growers®

“The weather is cooling, leaves are changing, and customers are hungry for the flavors of fall. This year’s Washington crop is a perfect opportunity for retailers to engage with customers and lean into fall selling. Big displays of Honeycrisp for snacking, bagged apples for lunchboxes, and baking apples ahead of holiday selling are important in establishing a successful plan. Promotions, dislocated displays, and cross-department merchandising are just a couple of tools to help retailers meet their customers where they are across their stores. We all know flavor is king when it comes to driving repeat purchases, and there is no better apple than Autumn Glory® for hitting all the flavors of fall. No fall apple set is complete without Autumn Glory from Superfresh Growers® in the mix.”

Cynthia Haskins,

President and Chief Executive Officer, New York Apple Association

“Join in on the fall harvest fun and build large front-of-the-produce-department displays of fresh-picked apples. New York State has a diverse mix of classic varieties like Empire, McIntosh, Galas, Honeycrisp, Fuji, and newer on-the-scene apple varieties like SnapDragon®, RubyFrost®, New York-grown SweeTango®, and EverCrisp®. Be sure to cross-merchandise with caramels, apple slicers, fruit boards, pairing ideas, and tote bags filled with New York apples, so consumers can grab and go.”

Shelby Babcock,

Marketing and Sales Specialist, Applewood Fresh Growers

“Apples bring people a sense of comfort and convenience, and Applewood Fresh is proud to offer varieties for any lifestyle. From on-the-go snacking to pie baking, each apple holds characteristics that can be a staple for any holiday dish this season. Offering demos/samples, in-store and online flavor profile signage, and multiple varieties with various packaging options will help push the movement of apples, which we aim to emphasize year after year with stacked marketing tactics. Create memorable experiences for the customer with storytelling packaging, rewards programs, and fall-centered demos. November is a peak month for our Michigan apples, with EverCrisp®, Ambrosia, SweeTango®, and Kanzi® available, along with core varieties like Honeycrisp, Fuji, Red Delicious, and Gala.”

Jim Thomas,

Owner, Starr Ranch Growers

“Anticipation is building as we dive into this year’s apple harvest. Our orchards are laden with the promise of a bountiful yield with high-colored fruit. Our proprietary apple varieties, Karma® and JUICI®, are truly stealing the spotlight this year, with their flavor profiles becoming richer and more intense due to the perfect balance of nutrients and sunlight they’ve received through the excellent growing conditions we’ve endured. We can’t wait to share our new crop with our customers and have consumers experience the incredible flavors that Karma and JUICI have to offer!”

Jessica Wells,

Executive Director, Crunch Time Apple Growers

“To increase visibility for our varieties, we love participating in community events with SnapDragon® apples, including our mascot, tents, merchandise, and, of course, SnapDragon apples! Once people have the opportunity to try SnapDragon apples in this setting and learn more about them, we know they will go looking for them at local retailers. For events, we often engage our brand partners like Wrapples, or our influencer community, to further enhance the consumer experience. Our goal is to help drive customers to our retailer partners by introducing them to SnapDragon apples and telling them where they can find them in the area. Particularly in this age of grocery delivery or pick-up, this type of demo can be more effective long-term than a single-day, in-store demo, as it reaches a broader audience regardless of how or when they shop.”

Cecilia Flores Paez,

Head of Marketing for North America, T&G Global

“More and more consumers are falling in love with our premium Envy apples since we expanded distribution nationwide. Envy’s reputation for quality and taste continues to build through strong marketing support, promotions, as well as carefully selected partnerships showcasing the apple’s versatility and amazing eating experience. This activity continues to drive consumer demand and repeat purchases, building significant brand momentum. All our efforts are focused on stimulating sales and inviting shoppers to discover, try, and then come back for more! Our organic Envy apple provides an additional growth opportunity for retailers because it attracts shoppers who are willing to spend more and buy more often when they shop for Envy; bringing the most value to retailers—both from the category and the total trip.”


Apples SnackChat