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Blueberries Snackchat

Blueberries Snackchat

A fruit-filled yogurt parfait on a Monday morning. A soft, sweet muffin on a Saturday afternoon. An aromatic pie at the center of the table at Sunday family dinner. Wherever you look, blueberries are present in some of life’s sweetest moments.

With a regal deep-blue appearance and nutritious attributes that have earned it the title of “superfood,” this little round berry carries a unique appeal for a majority of consumers. My advice to you this season? Paint your produce department blue and sing to the tune of increased register rings…

CarrieAnn Arias,

Vice President of Marketing, Naturipe

“By February, most North American consumers are sick of the cold, gray winter and are ready for warm, vibrant weather—blueberries are the perfect way to get an early taste of summertime. Our diverse network of growers means that even in the dead of winter, Naturipe consumers can enjoy fresh, seasonally grown conventional and organic berries from Mexico, Chile, Florida, and California, from FeBLUEary through March.

People love to eat Naturipe blueberries because they know they’re juicy, delicious, and the perfect amount of sweet. Naturipe is more than berries. Our growers are innovative and popularize ideas that have a widespread impact, like on-the-go snack boxes and berry-filled yogurt parfaits. With new products and varieties, Naturipe’s growers continue to create delicious offerings consumers can’t wait to eat.”

Amber Maloney,

Director of Marketing, Wish Farms

“Being two months into the new year, consumers are still focused on achieving their New Year’s resolutions of healthy living, and what better way to kick off February—also known as American Heart Month—than to promote all the bountiful health benefits of blueberries!

Blueberries are sweet pops of flavor that are not only healthy but extremely versatile. Carrying the encouragement and message of prioritizing health in the new year, Wish Farms will be sharing creative and simple ways to help shoppers incorporate blueberries into their daily routines. Tossing blueberries into smoothies, protein shakes, waffles, granola, or blueberry sheet pancakes can help kick-start the morning and provide the fuel to keep consumers going all day long.”

Kyla Oberman,

Marketing Director, California Giant Berry Farms

“We’re seeing BLUE this time of year, with our blueberry grower partners in Chile and Mexico producing promotional volumes of fruit. We hope retailers will take advantage of the many customizable promotions that California Giant Berry Farms has to offer—from display contests and sales incentives to in-store and digital sweepstakes for shoppers—our promotions are ripe for the picking. Now is the time for retailers to call attention to the fact that everything is better with berries and encourage shoppers to grab their boost of blue!”

Stephen Paul,

Category Director, Homegrown Organic Farms

“It only takes one taste to fall in love with blueberries. These berries are more than just a sweet treat; they are packed with superfood health benefits. Homegrown Organic Farms has been an industry leader in the organic blueberry category for more than 20 years. Our organic blueberries are responsibly grown in California and Oregon with Equitable Food Initiative and Bee Better certifications. Conscious consumers will love to check blueberries off their grocery list knowing they are grown with care.

The possibilities are endless with blueberries in the kitchen! A handful of berries make a delicious snack on their own but can also become a flavorful match made in heaven when paired with the right ingredients and foods. Personally, I love blueberries covered in dark chocolate for a sweet treat! There might be a new chocolate-covered berry helping consumers celebrate love this Valentine’s Day!”

Yasmin Pacia,

Marketing Director, Trucco

“Can dogs eat blueberries? Yes, they can! According to the National Library of Medicine and the United States Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Services studies, dogs can eat blueberries. This amazing fruit contains nutrients that can help improve human health and that of our beloved pets. This means retailers have the opportunity to not only drive blueberry sales by appealing to the wants of consumers, but by pulling on their heartstrings and positioning blueberries as a fun, flavorful, and healthy treat for their four-legged friends. We suggest highlighting excellent recipes shoppers can make for their doggies, such as a hearty combination of blueberries with ground turkey, brown rice, and Butternut squash.”

Doug LaCroix,

Director of Sales and Marketing, Family Tree Farms

“Blueberries have enjoyed so much momentum and growth in recent years. Consumers understand the health halo that blueberries offer and have grown to expect a quality product year-round. Consistent quality isn’t always available, which is why we are excited for 2023, which represents an exciting year for Family Tree Farms as we expand into new growing regions that allow us to offer 10–11 months of production with varieties that will knock your socks off. Along with an expanded offering, we are moving into our third generation of proprietary genetics—varieties that continually lead the industry and raise the bar for size, crunch, and flavor. We are obsessed with producing the most flavorful fruit in the world. These characteristics will be critical in driving the next iteration of blueberry demand.”