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Blueberries SnackChat

Blueberries SnackChat

Humans have a profound relationship with the shades of blue. From the blue calm of the water to its lead as one of the most popular colors, we are even in constant pursuit of “the blue of distance,” as observed by author Rebecca Solnit. It can soothe or catch the eye, and when it’s in a bowl, it can do both. In this month of love, football, festivities, and beyond, let the shades of blue tie everything together in your fresh departments with the help of a few friends of ours who specialize in—bluest of all—the blueberry…

Ryan Fronke, 

Blueberry Category Manager, Homegrown Organic Farms

“Blueberries are often celebrated as a superfood and for good reason! These delicious berries are packed with health benefits and are a delightful addition to any diet. Pound for pound, they rank among the healthiest foods to consume. Blueberries are a grocery essential and should be in every shopping cart. Unleash your culinary creativity with these vibrant berries—savor them fresh, in desserts, or blended into a refreshing smoothie! Beyond their delicious flavor and health-boosting properties Homegrown Organic Farms’ blueberries are grown with care for the land and people, marked by our commitments to the Equitable Food Initiative and Bee Better® certifications. Retailers can elevate displays by showcasing these certifications, empowering consumers to make a choice that’s beneficial to their health, the lives of farmworkers, and the environment.”

Frances Dillard,

Vice President of Marketing, Driscoll’s

“Driscoll’s recently emerged as one of America’s top 10 retail grocery brands. We attribute much of our success to our mission of delighting our consumers and aligning with the needs of the customer. Our shopper marketing priority is a branded berry patch destination of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries—all merchandised in a refrigerated case. While 85 percent of shopping still happens in-store, brands and retailers must also focus on e-commerce and capture the full shopping
experience. The most efficient way to get new berry consumers into the category is to cross-sell within the berry patch.”

Marissa Ritter,

Marketing Manager, Naturipe Farms

“During the new year, many people are focused on their health and keeping resolutions. Fortunately, this is also a time when Naturipe Farms sees a huge increase in imported blueberries from our growers in Mexico, Chile, and Peru. This, coupled with consumers thinking about healthier lifestyles, means this is a great time for retailers to promote blueberries. At Naturipe, we highlight our abundance of blueberries with FeBLUEary, an annual campaign focused on the peak of import blueberry season. Retailers can put their own spin on FeBLUEary by calling attention to all the health benefits of the superfood, especially during the winter months. Retailers can also showcase cold-weather recipes that include blueberries—we’re partial to a warm, freshly baked batch of Naturipe’s very own blueberry muffins!”

Michelle Deleissegues,

Vice President of Marketing, GEM-Pack Berries

“Blueberries are little powerhouses, low in calories and high in nutrients. Encourage sales by promoting their well-known health benefits: Blueberries are touted to lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease, as well as aid memory and exercise recovery. They are bursting with antioxidants. Don’t let these mini dynamos get lost in the produce department. Promote larger packs alongside the 6 oz pack, and be sure to include them in berry patch displays. Blueberry promotions boost strawberry sales and vice versa, boosting the department’s overall eye and flavor appeal.”

Tom Smith,

Director of Sales, California Giant Berry Farms

“As cold and flu season continues, we suggest that merchandisers emphasize blueberries’ health benefits to attract customers seeking an immunity boost! Create a visually appealing display with signage highlighting the berries’ ample antioxidants and vitamin C content, essential for supporting the immune system. Consider leveraging educational materials that showcase the role of blueberries in benefitting overall health—including information from the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council’s #BoostofBlue campaign. Incorporate recipe suggestions and simple ways for consumers to get their daily #BoostofBlue that fit all lifestyles!”