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California Avocado Snapshot

California Avocado Snapshot

The California avocado: green, healthy, and a consumer favorite. This green gem has seen a culinary rise both in traditional forms such as guacamole and sandwiches to off-piste utilizations in ice cream and lattes. However your shoppers use them, they love to eat them, and the numbers show—especially during California avocado season! Take a peek with us as we see the rise of the avocado and what makes them so special...

1. The Hass Avocado variety is a California native. The seed of what would become the mother Hass tree was planted by Rudolph Hass in 1926 in La Habra Heights, California

2. This season’s California avocado crop is estimated to be 292 million pounds

3. California avocados are grown on approximately 54,000 acres through central and southern California

4. California avocados are grown by nearly 3,000 Growers in the Golden State

5. Videos from the 2021 California Avocado Commission ad campaign, The Best Avocados Have California in Them, had more than 2.5 Million Views on YouTube in just one month, and 2020’s videos surpassed 11 million views

6. In California, shoppers buy avocados more often during California Avocado Season (up from 4.26 purchase occasions to 4.87)*

7. June is California AVOCADO Month—this is the 10th year for this California Avocado Commission program

8. Almost 90% of consumers believe restaurants with California avocados on the menu feature fresh and high-quality ingredients**

9. If given a choice, 71% of avocado shoppers in the West would prefer California avocados***

10. When avocados are in a shopper’s grocery basket, the overall basket ring increases nearly 113% (from average $31.85 to $67.80)*

*2020 California Avocado Commission Market Basket/Affinity Study, IRI Consumer NetworkTM, in California during California season

**2020 Menu Matters, “Patron preference for ‘California’ and ‘California Avocados’”

***2020 California Avocado Tracking Study

Source | California Avocado Commission