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California Avocado Snapshot

California Avocado Snapshot

Green gold, creamy goodness, healthy fat. Avocados have become a shiny representation for Instagram-worthy brunches and snacks, but the humble fruit was in the spotlight long before avocado toast. Whether shoppers are curious to try out the trendy item or they are repeat customers, it can’t hurt to enlighten your patrons with bite-sized insights to keep them interested. We dug up some noteworthy facts to keep your aisles fresh this season and ensure your sales match the fiery temperatures outside…

1. The Mother Hass Tree was planted as a seed in La Habra Heights, California, in the late 1920s by postman Rudolph Hass. All Hass avocados in the world can trace their heritage to this one tree that lived for 76 years


2. The Hass is the most popular California Avocado, accounting for about 95% of crop volume; Lamb Hass and GEM are the next two most popular varieties

3. California Avocados are grown by about 3,000 growers on 50,000 acres throughout Central and Southern California


4. California Avocado Season is usually from spring through summer. Peak availability this season is expected to be April through July

5. 70% of avocado shoppers in the United States say they are somewhat or very willing to pay a slightly higher price for avocados grown in California*


6. Over the past four years, the California season saw an average volume lift of +7% compared to when California Avocados weren’t available in stores**


7. June is California Avocado Month!

8. Almost 60% of consumers believe that a menu item with California Avocados has a somewhat to significantly better value***


9. The California Avocado industry creates more than 14,510 jobs on a full-time equivalent basis as a result of its business activities****


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Source | California Avocado Commission