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California Avocado SnackChat

California Avocado SnackChat

Domestic avocado season is upon us, and it seems only fitting that the Golden State would be one of the sources of the most recognizable green gold. After all, CA is right there in the name. To get the avoca-dos of merchandising this category and maximizing basket share, read what these avo advocates have to say…

Jan DeLyser,

Retiring Vice President of Marketing, California Avocado Commission

“Avocados continue to be a hot item to merchandise in retail stores and to feature in menu items. In spring and summer, which coincide with the peak availability of California avocados, we encourage retailers to add incremental displays of avocados to meet elevated consumer demand. Did you know that avocado consumption in California is more than double the national average? It’s true, partially because we enjoy avocados in so many ways. Lately, my favorite has been enjoying plain avocados, just eaten with a spoon or eggs, because they taste so good.”

Gary Clevenger,

Managing Member, Freska Produce International

“California avocado farmers put a lot of care into growing avocados and take a lot of pride in what they do. This is why California avocados are requested by retailers all over the United States when they are in season. California avocados provide great merchandising opportunities, which can be customized around eating healthy and putting displays out for the major holidays. You can’t go wrong because California avocados are great anytime they are in season and are the superior-tasting avocado from January to September.”

Gary Caloroso,

Regional Business Development Director, Giumarra Companies

“California avocado season is such an exciting time for everyone—particularly for consumers! When they see beautiful, eye-catching displays of California’s avocados in their local stores, it is a golden moment for California avocado lovers and our state. California avocados have a loyal, passionate fan base because this green gold is so tasty, nutritious, and useful for many great recipes. I love avocados on almost everything, but they have become a weekly requirement on Taco Tuesdays! At Giumarra Companies, it is our distinct pleasure to supply them every spring and summer from our two California-based avocado packinghouses in Escondido and Ventura.”

George Henderson,

Senior Marketing Manager, West Pak Avocado

“As we kick off the California avocado season, our field experts anticipate a fruitful year, expected to extend from mid-April to late August. With the new season comes the opportunity to serve up more green goodness to our customers with Party Pak, our easy-grab bag of jumbo avocados. This four-bag lineup features festive seasonal packaging to entice the shopper and sports the coveted Heart-Check mark from the American Heart Association. On the back of each bag, a scannable recipe supports the seasonal theme and encourages healthy eating. The recipes are a great selling point for retailers and provide the opportunity to cross-promote other ingredients. Think end cap in the produce aisle with supporting items around the grab-and-go bags.”

David Fausset,

Business Development Director, Westfalia Fruit USA

“California avocados are an iconic superfruit we look forward to sharing with our customers each year. Westfalia Fruit’s California operations are nestled in the heart of Ventura County’s avocado ranches, and we are inspired by their beauty all year long. As the crop peaks between the months of March through June, we are excited to bring some unique promotions to draw our beloved California sun-kissed avocados to consumers’ plates!”

Jennifer Anazawa,

Senior Category Manager, Mission Produce

“The California avocado season is always my favorite time of year—the trees are bountiful, and Mission Produce’s packhouse is buzzing. It’s no wonder 90 percent of California households buy avocados* when this delicious fruit is grown right in our backyards! As a native Californian, avocados have always been part of my diet. I have fond childhood memories of eating an avocado half with a bit of soy sauce! These days, I’m more likely to top my toast or dip some chips with delicious, locally grown avocados.”

*Numerator Shopper Metrics, 52 weeks ending October 2, 2022 

California Avocado SnackChat