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California Strawberry Snapshot

California Strawberry Snapshot

Glittering a rich ruby hue, strawberries are one fruit that packs a visual punch in the produce aisle, serving as a beacon for shoppers. Available year-round, the beautiful berries tantalize consumers, inspiring everything from simple snacking occasions to elegant cocktails and decadent desserts. With so much to offer in the retail and foodservice worlds, find out some key facts about one of California’s favorite fruits to share with your patrons…

Strawberries are the year-round anchor of the berry category in U.S. supermarkets.

Strawberries are a consumer favorite. Fifty percent of Americans are extremely likely to purchase fresh strawberries if food shopping today.

Strawberry farms use less than 1 percent of California’s farmland and use less water per acre than an acre of homes in Los Angeles.

Strawberries grow along the California coast on about 40,000 acres. During peak season, strawberries are harvested in the state’s Salinas, Watsonville, Santa Maria, Oxnard, and Orange County regions

During the cooler months, strawberries continue to be harvested in Santa Maria and Oxnard, making California strawberries available year-round

Strawberry farms produce the fourth most valuable crop in California.

California grows 90 percent of the strawberries in the U.S.

About 50 percent of the California strawberry crop is harvested after July 1st.

California grows more organic strawberries than all other 49 states combined.


Strawberries account for 59.7 percent of berry pound sales

$4 billion of annual berry category sales are from strawberries

Strawberry household penetration reached 71 percent in 2022

Fresh strawberries build bigger market baskets; basket value doubles with strawberries

$49.77 total market basket without strawberries

$99.72 total market basket with strawberries

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