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California Table Grape Snapshot

California Table Grape Snapshot

In the produce aisle, the sight of table grapes alone activates shoppers’ imaginations. Whether picturing themselves luxuriating with a refined charcuterie board or sharing smiles with their families over a bowl of colorful berries on a warm spring day, the beauty of the category lies in its versatility. Find out how you can tap into the wonders of the vine in-store by broadening your Golden State table grape knowledge…


80+ Varieties

Research indicates consuming grapes may increase resistance to sunburn and decrease markers of UV damage in skin cells as well as contribute to immune, brain, colon, and eye health, making grapes from California the ultimate healthy snack for any season.



There are more than 330 growing operations in California that not only provide healthy and delicious table grapes for shoppers around the world, but also support the lives of families who work there, as well as the communities in which they operate.


49% of table grape consumers said they plan to purchase before going to the store. 21% said they bought grapes on impulse.



40% of table grape shoppers said they purchased grapes at least once per week or more in the past three months.

1. Coachella Valley

The California table grape season begins in late spring when the first grapes are harvested in the Coachella Valley

Average Days of Sun Annually: 350

Average Annual Temperature: 81°


2. San Joaquin Valley

In the San Joaquin Valley, the California table grape harvest starts in late June or early July

Average Days of Sun Annually: 270

Average Annual Temperature: 70°



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Source | California Table Grape Commission