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Chef's Corner Snackchat

Chef's Corner Snackchat

Sometimes, consumers need a little push to help them understand the potential of a product. Seeing fresh produce take center stage on the plate is not the norm for some, and it’s up to our industry to educate the masses. It’s a large undertaking, no doubt about it, but with the innovation happening across foodservice operations right now, there’s more than enough room for hope. Here is where the creativity of chefs shines, gifting their supply-side partners with recipes that will get produce into more baskets and onto more tables...


Taylor Farms

Matt Masera,

Chef, Culinary Director, and Food Stylist

“As a culinary director and food stylist, I have my hands in all sorts of different projects. From restaurants to cookbooks, I strive to seek out quality ingredients. Taylor Farms always delivers high-quality value-added fresh products, and just like chefs, it constantly pushes the envelope with menu innovation. I love the new line of Taylor Toppers, including the Perfect Fit lettuce leaf. It delivers a consistent product in shape, structure, and flavor that is such an advantage and offers a great labor solution. Not only does it taste great and hold up to the heat, it looks great, too, with the frilly edges adding texture and layers to the dish you are creating. This new line from Taylor Farms Foodservice is a great weapon in any chef's arsenal, and really is an ingredient for culinary success.”

Lisa Hearne,

Senior Vice President of Foodservice Sales and Marketing, Taylor Farms Foodservice

“At Taylor Farms, we’re listening to our customers and looking for new, innovative ingredients to provide flavorful and unique solutions that ‘Taylor’ to culinary needs. Chef Matt Masera has been a critical partner to our foodservice team, as he brings on-trend and relevant insights to the foodservice space to further product innovation. Supporting customer needs through menu ideation and new product development is a critical component to overall operator success. Our new Topper line with a ready-to-use assortment of fresh sandwich and burger solutions was designed to meet the growing demand for premium offerings and labor savings.”


Starr Ranch Growers

Trimmell Hawkins,

Executive Chef

“As a chef, it’s always a pleasure to work with high-quality ingredients that speak for themselves. When you start with this caliber of product, you don’t want to do too much interference. Instead, you want to create a recipe that allows the product to shine, almost like putting it on a pedestal. JUICI® apples are one of those products that spoke to me, so taking it to the next level and elevating it was as simple as apple pie—well, apple pop-tarts in this case. Made with just five simple ingredients, I was very intentional to allow them to be the star of the show while also being a showstopper everyone would love.”

Krista Beckstead,

Former Brand Manager, Starr Ranch Growers

“Working hand-in-hand with talented Chef Trimmell to craft innovative recipes centered around our JUICI® apple has been a transformative experience for our JUICI brand. Through this collaboration, we discovered the true essence of the apple—its versatility, its nuanced flavors, and its potential to create culinary wonders. The chef's expertise in combining diverse ingredients with our JUICI apple helped elevate our brand from a mere fruit to an inspiring culinary muse, captivating the taste buds of food enthusiasts everywhere. Together, we redefined what it means to savor the simple yet extraordinary delight of JUICI, leaving a lasting impression on our consumers and forging an unbreakable bond between their palates and our JUICI apple.”



Sarah Barrette,

Culinary Ambassador and Owner, The Cheese Bar

“DelFrescoPure® produce provides numerous benefits for The Cheese Bar, enhancing both the quality and versatility of our dishes. Working with DelFrescoPure greenhouse-grown produce has been a game-changer for our menu. Its commitment to quality and supporting local resonates deeply with our philosophy. Its greenhouse-grown Heirloom tomatoes, organic cucumbers, Rainbow peppers, and succulent strawberries provide us with an incredible range of flavors and textures to work with. Our dishes have evolved, and we can create unique flavor combinations that surprise and delight our customers. It's a joy to collaborate with a company that shares our passion for excellence and celebrating ingredients in their purest form.”

Sonia Klinger,

Marketing Manager, DelFrescoPure®

“At DelFrescoPure®, our mission is to cultivate excellence, offering our customers the finest sustainably grown greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, beans, and strawberries all year ’round. Working with culinary visionaries like Sarah Barrette, the driving force behind Windsor, Ontario, Canada’s, The Cheese Bar, we embark on a flavorful journey that is limitless. Sarah’s unwavering commitment to infusing vibrant and daring flavors into her dishes perfectly complements our delectable produce. This partnership is a testament to the magic that happens when two companies unite to craft something extraordinary. As we celebrate the success of our collaboration, we look forward to inspiring alliances like this one, igniting the taste buds of food enthusiasts everywhere.”