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Chef's Corner SnackChat

Chef's Corner SnackChat

In our world, the beauty of life is found in both the journey and the destination. It is an enchanting passage that fresh produce takes as it evolves from seed, to plant, to product, all before being transformed into a captivating culinary sensation. We here at The Snack are eager to celebrate those who facilitate the journey and those who use fresh produce to craft an enthralling flavor destination for the consumer. Read on to see how creativity and passion meet at the intersection of foodservice…

Giumarra Companies

Anna Lee,

Food Stylist and Personal Chef

“I’ve collaborated with Giumarra on a variety of recipes, and it’s always a pleasure getting hands-on with fruits and vegetables and exploring their many potentials, from sweet to savory. For one of our most recent projects, Giumarra asked me to create recipes that will get people to buy more bell peppers. Bell pepper is naturally sweet; after slow-roasting, the sweetness deepens, and the texture changes from crunchy to velvety-soft and meaty. I wanted to create something that is easy to put together, tasty, and beautiful. Slow-Roasted Bell Pepper Pasta is the perfect vegetarian main course or healthy side dish for any weekday dinner!”

Megan Gorgisheli,

Director of Marketing Administration, Giumarra Companies

“Working with chefs is always a fun experience because they are all so passionate about fresh produce. We worked with our long-time recipe developer, Anna Lee, to create some tasty new dishes for bell peppers. Bell peppers are an excellent source of vitamin C, and in the age of social media, amazing recipe content will encourage shoppers to stock up on these delicious, nutritious ‘super veggies.’ Anna knocked it out of the park with this Slow-Roasted Bell Pepper Pasta, a riff on the TikTok-viral Baked Feta Pasta. With three different colors of bell peppers, melty Brie cheese, garlic, and lemon, it’s a flavorful, accessible recipe that will get consumers buying bell peppers in bulk. My family goes crazy for this dish!”

California Giant Berry Farms

Derek Seigfried,

Food Specialist, Gordon Food Service

“With California Giant’s blueberries, we developed a fun recipe that is simple, flavorful, and on-trend. Blueberries and lemons have such an affinity for one another, but yuzu even more so! By simmering fresh blueberries with sugar, a splash of yuzu juice, and some cornstarch, we create a delicious filling for Yuzu and Poppyseed Hand Pies. Use a standard pie dough recipe, but store-bought works fine too. Pick your shape, spoon some filling into the center, brush the edges with egg wash, cover, crimp, and bake! For the frosting, combine a splash of milk with some of the blueberry filling, and whisk in powdered sugar until you have a thick paste. Top the pastries once cooled, sprinkle with poppyseeds, and enjoy.”

Tom Smith,

Director of Sales, California Giant Berry Farms

“Berries are the perfect complement to food trends! Not only do they provide a vibrant pop of color to any dish, but they also perfectly enhance flavors ranging from sweet to savory. Fresh blueberries in Derek’s Yuzu and Poppyseed Hand Pie provide ample color payoff in the hand pie’s frosting, while also providing a delicious boost of blue in the filling. With the amplification of social media, produce has the ability to play off trends—such as Asian-inspired breakfasts—if not being the standout trend itself!”

Mucci Farms

Tanya Eng,

Chef and Food Stylist

“As a chef and food stylist, I am always mindful of the well-known adage, ‘we eat with our eyes first.’ While flavor and texture are essential to any good recipe, it is always the presentation that lures the eyes to feast and savor. Creating healthful, nutrient-dense recipes that are quick to prepare while embracing food trends is easily achieved with the superior quality of Mucci Farms produce.”

Emily Murracas,

Director of Marketing, Mucci Farms

“Growing fresh and flavorful produce 365 days a year is at the heart of what we do at Mucci Farms. We aim to inspire consumers to use our products to enhance and transform any dish. Tanya and her culinary team of chefs and food artists have been our #PartnersInProduce for many years and have worked hand in hand with us to create healthy and delicious recipes that are easy and impressive for entertaining. In our recipes, the produce is the star of the dish and can be found on all of our packaging for quick inspiration. When a dish is colorful, vibrant, and bursting with flavors, it is sure to impress!”