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Holidays Snackchat

Holidays Snackchat

The joys of December are something consumers eagerly anticipate all year. While your shoppers may have a difficult time finding the perfect gift for their loved ones, you can help put their minds at ease with strategic merchandising tips and tricks to bring a festive feast to the table. With a month full of celebration in store, these festive fresh friends are sharing the strategies across their floors…

Chris Keetch,

Director of Produce and Floral, The GIANT Company

“I look forward to our departments coming to life with the colors and flavors of the season. From berries, citrus, and apples to asparagus, potatoes, and tomatoes, we strive to ensure we have everything our customers need while providing inspiration—whether that be for the traditional holiday meal, a tailgate, or a Saturday night party.

Guided by our brand platform, For Today’s Table, we believe that when meals happen, families connect. And when families connect meaningfully, good happens. We partner with some of the best suppliers in the industry and work closely with them on pricing and promotions to offer the best assortment at the best value possible. Get in touch ahead of the season, so we can come up with a Plan B when Mother Nature throws a curveball!”

Gabriela D’Arrigo,

Vice President of Marketing and Communications, D’Arrigo New York

“No other place in the world compares to New York City during the holiday season. We are known as the place to be come November all the way through to New Year’s. Retailers throughout the Five Boroughs pull out all the stops to engage with their shoppers. Produce managers take full advantage of all the colorful fruit and vegetable options and put together beautiful and creative displays throughout their produce departments. Whether it's gift-wrapped apple bins, cranberry Christmas tree displays, or fresh Hudson Valley cider offered with apple purchases, your shoppers are sure to enjoy their shopping experience.”

Paul Kneeland,

Senior Vice President of Sales and Merchandising, Gelson’s Markets

“Holiday times are the best times! Enjoying family and friends also means feeding them. That’s why we get excited here at Gelson’s and love to create enticing and appealing displays that sell product! It’s really all about the customer experience and imagining what they would enjoy for their holiday fare. I’m thinking massive displays of spuds including baby, purple, whites, yams, every variety of sweet potato—all the fixings for sweet potato pie, yum! As many of our customers entertain this season, small dishes and fresh appetizers will take the spotlight, such as steamed and grilled artichokes; guacamole; peppers, carrots, broccoli, and squash for crudités; and so much more! One thing is for sure, Gelson’s will be the holiday destination for customers. Build it, and they will come.”

Dave Hewitt,

Vice President of Sales, 4Earth Farms

“4Earth Farms has a variety of organic and conventional holiday veg options for our retailer customers this season. From creating a display of green beans in grab-and-go handle bags and convenient microwavable packs to offering ready-to-prepare Broccoli and Cauliflower Florets, Rice, or Slaw, we have the items to maximize holiday sales and provide value and convenience for shoppers. And don’t forget the Brussels sprouts; build an eye-catching set with whole, halved, and shredded along with stalks to keep the merriment going all season long.”

Nicole Hulstein,

Produce Category Manager, Food Lion

“December is a time for friends and family to gather, host celebrations, and share a bounty of seasonal produce. Berries are a year-round personal favorite. During the holiday season, berries are easy to use across many dishes, such as a fruit tart for a refreshing dessert or a drink enhancement that shoppers can use during the hustle and bustle. The return of domestic citrus and the beginning of the seasonal varieties is an exciting time for us in our produce departments. Apples are also great to have on display. There are so many wonderful varietal options out there with cross-functional usages. They are the ultimate bridge between fall and winter, and who doesn’t love a freshly baked apple pie?”

Daniel Bell,

Senior Produce Buyer, Grocery Outlet

“The holidays are a produce retailer’s perfect storm for creative merchandising and high-traffic-driven demand and sales. I’m a BIG believer in ‘go big or go home’ for holiday merchandising on items that drive home our value message. We love to work with growers/shippers and take advantage of any and all point-of-sale (POS) materials to build large impactful displays for baking, snacking, and dessert. It’s also a great time for wet rack spillovers on the traditional favorites like carrots, celery, green beans, and cranberries. Don’t forget the avocados, though; there are a lot of football and holiday parties that aren’t complete without guacamole.” 

Holidays Snackchat