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Issue 78 July - Editor's Letter

Issue 78 July - Editor's Letter

A story is merely a glance through the eye of a needle. A keyhole through the door to a larger environment constantly changing each moment, day, and year. Accepting this toe-in-the-water approach is what allows us, as writers, to circumvent the immensity of a task that is impossible to take on: telling an all-encompassing narrative—especially in the rich history of our industry. To assume that the entirety of any message, thought, or story can be grasped in such a medium is not our end goal, but instead to offer a moment that speaks to the beauty of the whole.

This is not a restriction, but a freedom.

Capturing the depth of this moment allows for excavation, meditation, revelation, and—much of the time—does more for the subject and reader.

Take the story of FreshCo and Chalo! FreshCo in this issue. How can it possibly grasp the complete picture of an entirely new strategy, bringing together business and cultural awareness over years of dedication? In this idea we can find some acceptance, peace, and that elusive freedom we may actually seek.

What I am relating to you here is one of the many ways we connect to and are challenged by stories in our profession.

There is a creative friction that results in a unique spark when an author comes together with a story that is to be both theirs and not theirs—as publications like The Snack allow. This kinship is much like a sibling rivalry. The writer and the person who has lived the story create a shared DNA. The bloodline, the story, and both entities are headstrong in creating, protecting, and revealing it.

Many of you have heard us say, as we internalize your personal stories, we write our experience of your story. This is our way to create a tribute to you, hold space for the artists inside each of us, find a truth that surfaces between the strata, then connect you to our readers and the readers to you.

This gift that you gave us is an honor, as we continue to honor you.

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