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December MVP HIGHLIGHTS: Carrie Briones

December MVP HIGHLIGHTS: Carrie Briones

Traversing a career that spans over 17 years, Carrie Briones is well-versed in the language of citrus. She represented various packing houses early in her career before moving on to work with large-scale growers and distributors on the supply-side. Today, she specializes in the sale of organic products and has helped build LIV Organic Produce’s program into the industry pioneer that it is. Her zest for the category is matched by her strong ability to forge relationships with growers, and there is much more in store for this sales trailblazer.

Carrie Briones

Head of Sales and Grower Relations, LIV Organic Produce

Time at LIV Organic Produce: 4 Years

What Your Role Is Really Like

“That’s a tough one. Like so many of us in produce, I wear a lot of hats. My focus, though, lies in day-to-day selling as well as working with our local growers on the best timing for harvesting optimal size and flavor in order to provide a product we and our partners can really stand by and be proud of.”

Surprise Us

“I love to travel! Every year, I like to go to a place I have never seen before; I love new places and cultures.”

A Mentor Mentored: Who Has Shaped Carrie

Franz De Klotz: “My late mentor. He taught me everything from the field to sales and everything in between.”

How Sales Becomes A Life Lesson

“Sales has taught me to be nimble and proactive. We are working with perishable products and supply that is constantly changing; no two days are ever the same.”

Words of Wisdom for the Next Generation

“My best piece of advice is relationships are better built in person and over the phone. It’s really important to interact and be involved with both your customers and growers face to face.”