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Menu Mainstays: April 2024 Edition

Menu Mainstays: April 2024 Edition

A catalyst on the plate begins in the kitchen.

To achieve this, the fresh tools of the trade must drive ingenuity, efficiency, and the bottom line. From risk-takers to tradition’s stalwarts, we bring you the rising and reigning stars of the foodservice plate in this editorial lineup...

Ippolito International

Queen Victoria Fresh-Cut Slaw

If you think the potential of slaw has been realized, I encourage you to punch those four letters into Instagram and be amazed at the colors, flavors, and variety of dishes. The next step is to see how many captions read some variation of “copycat recipe from our favorite restaurant.” The fact is, there is plenty of uncharted territory yet for this veg option, and Ippolito International’s Queen Victoria branded fresh-cut slaw makes it easier for chefs to spend less time prepping and more time creating the next dish worth copying at home.

Oppy, avoworks, and eco farms

Avocado Halves

I will never forget when I first learned emergency rooms had begun to dub a certain injury “avocado hand.” Evidently, many patients were coming in with a distinct gash across the palm from attempts at removing that center seed. When the maneuver is perfected, it’s still time-consuming—and even the most expert hands are in danger of slipping in the chaos of the kitchen. Enter Oppy’s hand-scooped avocado halves with the skin and pit removed. Need I say more?

Veg-Fresh Farms

Fresh-Cut Line

Pico de gallo, tri-colored bell peppers, and ginger; what ties them together? High demand and, now, Veg-Fresh Farms’ recently unveiled fresh-cut line. Not only do these wide-reaching offerings service multiple outlets, including foodservice concepts, word on the street is the line is poised to expand. I’m not saying hang up your knives just yet, chefs, but maybe find them a new home away from the fresh produce. Suppliers have damn near got you covered!

D’Arrigo California

Andy Boy® Baby Gem Lettuce

Whether you love to showcase beloved labels on your menu like that of the trusted Andy Boy®, or simply bask in the comfort behind the scenes of the value and quality of its D’Arrigo California roots, this is a brand that has proven much can be held in a name if it’s walked the walk for over a century. Compounded by the versatility and convenience of its newly introduced premium Baby Gem lettuce and the experience behind it, this is a product I will be little surprised to see across foodservice offerings nationwide.

Food trends often start on a menu, backed by creative partnerships from the field to the kitchen that ensure each plate shines.The Snack Endstop