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Menu Mainstays: July Edition

Menu Mainstays: July Edition

As time really means money in the beloved fast-paced environment that is foodservice, having that easy-to-use and quick-to-prepare box of produce could be an essential lifeline. Fresh-cut, sustainable, and shrink-reducing are but some of the features we’re highlighting in this issue’s spread, and we can’t wait to shake up your next produce order…

GR Fresh
Resealable Bell Peppers

Fresh? Check. Quality? Check. Resealable? Check! Labor concerns and space constraints are constant challenges operators face, especially when it comes to small eateries short on walk-in space. GR Fresh’s solution to keep waste down and profits up is to provide its bell peppers in resealable packages. Easy to open, use, reseal, and store, don’t miss out on delicious cost-saving opportunities with these pretty bells.

Fresh Solutions Network
A Cut Above® Potatoes

Potatoes for the table? Most often, the answer is yes! Easy-to-prepare potatoes are a necessity to satisfy patrons of all ages. Luckily, Fresh Solutions Network has just the answer. A Cut Above® potatoes boasts crave-worthy, fresh potatoes in Russet and White in 50 lb bags. These spuds are perfect for creating signature and shareable menu items.

Lipman Family Farms
Halved Grape Tomatoes

Whether tossed in a fresh salad, roasted atop a savory dish, or styled in a decadent dressing, tomatoes are universally a favorite in the foodservice industry. As restaurants and operations continue to cut costs and seek ways to reduce back-of-house labor, having fresh-cut options is always a boon during prep time—and these Halved Grape Tomatoes from Lipman Family Farms will become a staple everywhere.

Gold Coast Packing
Bite-Size Broccoli

Whether in a restaurant or grab-and-go food trucks, innovation happens to excite the palate. As flavor transcends from shareable snackers to full-blown meals, your diners will always be eager to incorporate fresh in any way—especially when it’s a healthy kick from these Bite-Size Broccoli. Pre-cut to save prep and cleaning, and therefore labor cost, Gold Coast Packing is taking the time-consuming work of getting this nutrient-dense veg ready for cheese-covered trees, caramelized broccoli plates, or a unique pizza dish. The possibilities are as boundless as the imagination, so think big with this bite-size hero.

Westmoreland - Topline Farms
Plastic-Free Long English Cucumbers

Sustainability and delicious produce go hand in hand for Westmoreland - Topline Farms as it continues to champion its Long English cucumber program. The grower provides crisp cucumbers without single-use plastic, removing the need to cut open every cuke in the box to prep on the chopping block. Less risk of injury, more time to prep, and no plastic to sort—now that’s convenience in a fast-paced kitchen.