Peruvian Onions

Menu Mainstays: November Edition

Menu Mainstays: November Edition

Cooking is an art form; chefs are the artists, and their ingredients are the medium. In an era where consumers are looking for dishes that satisfy their taste buds and their eyes, having the right fresh produce on the plate can take a dining experience from the middle of the road to mind-blowing. So, foodservice folks, read on to see what products the industry has up its sleeve to help you create museum-worthy dishes that will have consumers clamoring for more…

Westfalia Fruit USA

#Deuces Avocados

Starting strong, Westfalia Fruit USA’s #Deuces foodservice program is economical for customers while delivering the deliciously creamy avocados they expect and desire. How does the company work this magic? So glad you asked. By offering a feel-good supply of #2 fruit. With beauty and flavor on the inside, their external blemishes give them character, while their perfect interior and eating quality allow chefs to breathe new life into these buttery avocados by creating beautiful dishes. Maximizing flavor and minimizing food waste, #Deuces are a plus for consumers and the industry alike.

Ippolito International

Florentino Cauliflower

Florentino. It just rolls off the tongue. And it will be pleasing diners’ taste buds when they get the chance to enjoy this delectable cauliflower variety from Ippolito International. Developed in Spain, it is an expanding cauliflower type harvested in delicate bunches. Each branch is topped with clusters of petite beads ranging from beautiful golden hues to orange and rose tones, each hinting at the sweetness of taste. With this color palette, simple recipes can be made into works of art with a nutritious bonus. Whether you serve it sautéed, roasted, or fresh, this elegant, delicate crucifer is worth introducing to your diners.

Nature Fresh Farms®

Mini Sweet Peppers

Small but mighty, Nature Fresh Farms® mini peppers pack a one-two punch. Not only are these peppers flavorful, but they are eye-catching as well. The greenhouse-grown offering features a vibrant rainbow of yellow, orange, and red colors that will add a bright pop to salads, appetizers, pasta, and so much more. Sweeter than the average bell pepper, these treasures add a palate-pleasing crunch to any dish. So, think in color when crafting recipes with these taste bud-pleasing peppers.

Taylor Farms

Taylor Toppers

If you’ve ever taken an art class, you know consistency and balance are crucial to creating crowd-pleasing works. The same goes for food. Luckily, Taylor Farms has launched its Taylor Toppers line to guarantee that only the most uniform lettuce makes it onto consumers’ plates. The Perfect Fit leaf is a hybrid of green leaf and Iceberg that delivers a consistently round shape and frilled edges. This variety also presents less rib and a higher heat tolerance than traditional lettuces, producing a fresh, high-quality product. Also part of the lineup, the Deli Gem Leaf, Green Leaf, and Romaine Leaf Singles offer convenience while streamlining prep to increase operator efficiencies. To top it off, the rich color and fresh flavors will put the final touches on any kitchen masterpiece.