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Menu Mainstays

Menu Mainstays

A catalyst on the plate begins in the kitchen. To achieve this, the fresh tools of the trade must drive ingenuity, efficiency, and the bottom line. From risk-takers to tradition’s stalwarts, we bring you the rising and reigning stars of the foodservice plate in this editorial lineup...

Pacific International Marketing
Petite Romaine

Lettuce is a convenient item to have in stock. Whether it’s for burgers, salads, or a rustic wedge dish, having this leafy green on the menu draws in the attention of health-forward patrons and crunch-seekers—especially with Pacific’s Petite Romaine on hand. Easy to prep and use, the commodity boasts almost 100 percent usability both in hot or cold dishes.

Live Oak Farms

Spice has a unique gift; it adds a new element to a dish, creating another level for consumers to enjoy. Live Oak Farms Jalapeños are one ingredient to keep in your walk-in refrigerator as they bring the heat to every kitchen. Surpassing taste and quality expectations, the jalapeños pack a punch every consumer can enjoy as they purvey a slightly milder heat profile. Easy to use in a sweet and spicy dish or on top of shareable plates, jalapeños are a must on your summer menu.

Ippolito International

There’s a certain attraction to trying new things. Eating out makes it easier for consumers to explore new flavors, and a sure way to pique consumers’ interest is with ingredients. Ippolito International is drawing patrons’ eyes to fresh produce with its Florentino®, an elegant, tender variety of cauliflower. The Florentino has a sweet and mild flavor and is satisfyingly crisp. Its golden-hued buds bring attention to the plate. As it is easy to use and enjoyable from the stalk to the crown, the Florentino might just become as big as broccolini.

Duncan Family Farms
Organic Fresh Herbs

Quality is important, but the flavor is equally essential in my opinion. One easy way to add flavor is to incorporate some fresh herbs into the mix. Duncan Family Farms’ latest line of Organic Fresh Herbs brings an herbaceous kick to any dish. Hold the salt, because Duncan has a wide range of flavors at the chef’s disposal. And, backed by a rigorous food safety program, Duncan’s Fresh Herb line exceeds standards as it comes in consistent supply and exceptional quality.

Markon Cooperative
Trimmed Leeks

The onion’s milder cousin, as I like to call them. Leeks are great to use for a little kick of flavor but often take valuable kitchen time to clean. Markon recently launched its Markon First Crop® Trimmed Leeks with no green tops or roots that save on labor, waste, and walk-in storage space, giving chefs more time to get creative. Add this sophisticated ingredient to the station, and watch your diners order more.