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New Year's Resolutions SnackChat

New Year's Resolutions SnackChat

For some, a New Year’s resolution is a living, breathing thing that changes every year. For others, it is a constant that holds them true to themselves and anchors them, again, at the start of every January. With 2023 already underway, we share those thoughts, ponderings, and commitments from some of our dear friends in hopes that we can carry the promise of the New Year far into 2023 and beyond…

Steve Barnard,

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mission Produce

“When it comes to my New Year’s resolutions, I use the same one every year, ‘Stay vertical and out of the way!’”




Teri Miller,

Buy-Side Industry Member

“This year, my New Year’s resolutions are many. Remember what is important! Recognize that we all have value. Breathe deep when around those who are utterly disrespectful, and maybe say a prayer for them. My wish and reminder for all in 2023 is while we all have a fiduciary duty to our business, in the end, we have a much larger duty to ourselves, our families, and our friends. To my family and friends, you are my greatest treasure!”


Tony Mitchell,

Vice President of Corporate Produce and Floral, Associated Wholesale Grocers

“I am looking forward to 2023, and I have a few goals that made it into my resolutions this year. To start, I want to spend less time looking at my phone. Practice gratitude. Eat more produce. And, finally, just have fun and live every day to its fullest!”

Dave McCary,


“I’m not traditionally big on resolutions. But, in 2023, I do have a goal to do more volunteering. I want to give more of my time to others where it will make a difference. Happy New Year, everyone!”


Mike Venton,

General Manager, FreshCo

“My New Year’s resolutions for 2023 are incredibly important to me, and I am excited for the year ahead. One resolution is to change the work-life balance equation. Part of that is I want to experience some truly memorable adventures. I have many in the works already.”


Harold Paivarinta,

Senior Director of Sales, Red Sun Farms

“I resolve to dedicate time each day to working on becoming the best version of myself possible, regardless of my role. I want to be the best husband, father, brother, son, friend, teammate, leader, mentor, employee, and vendor partner I can be by maximizing all the tools I’ve been blessed with and developing the ones I lack. I also want to ask, ‘Why?’ less and say, ‘Why not!’ more. This one might sound evangelical, but I feel it’s applicable to everyone: Always behave like your mom is watching and perform every day like it’s audit day. I know, a little corny, but when you get north of 50, you realize that you have more time behind you than ahead.”

Karin Gardner,

Executive Director of Marketing, Oppy

“My 2023 New Year’s resolution is to simplify my life a bit. I would like to do fewer things but do them better. Quality over quantity when it comes to personal and professional goals and life experiences. Be present and mindful, avoid getting caught up in superficial matters that distract from the things that really do.”


Harold Edwards,

President and Chief Executive Officer, Limoneira

“This year, Limoneira’s New Year’s resolutions include our continued hope for health and prosperity for everyone on the Limoneira team, all our valued grower partners, all our valued trade partners, as well as our valued customers. Also, we commit to furthering our growth in the global consumption of all the healthy products we produce and stabilizing the supply chains we serve. Additionally, we continue to dedicate ourselves to the continued advancement of our regenerative and sustainable agricultural practices for the betterment of our planet. Happy New Year, everyone.”