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Continuing to Expect The World

Continuing to Expect The World

Expect the World From Us.

It is a bold and binding pledge with which Oppy introduces its vast supply network. It is also a challenge to uphold the highest bar.

“The promise to Expect the World From Us is a philosophy and an action,” Colbert Rahal, Director of Sales for Canada, points out.

The philosophy is one of business and of connection. Oppy navigates a world all its own to serve a global market, so why not expect the world of itself?

“We expect the most from ourselves by promising it to everyone we work with, and in turn, meeting that promise is an action we have to take in everything we do, from the growers we partner with, to those who use our in-house logistics, to the buyers we serve,” Colbert illustrates. And actions demand an equal and opposite reaction—Oppy’s guarantee for your trust in a world where that is a valuable, tightly guarded commodity in and of itself. “Integrity is very important to us. It is the binding ingredient with which we are able to continually bring local produce to the farthest reaches of the world.”

It seems like a lofty ambition at the very least, nirvana at most, except it is set in stone by time and success. This year, Oppy celebrates 20 years since committing to such a grand undertaking. In that time, the team has seen itself grow inside-out, from departments and employees to categories and resources.

“Integrity is very important to us. It is the binding ingredient with which we are able to continually bring local produce to the farthest reaches of the world.”

Colbert Rahal, Director of Sales for Canada, Oppy

Nurturing strong relationships with partners throughout the supply chain, the company has doubled its rewards by fostering growth not just for itself but also for the operations and businesses it works with.

“Oppy is an extension of our growers, and it’s a relationship that’s irresistibly beneficial,” Colbert reflects, speaking from his own experience.

Sitting across from me, a broad smile on his face, Colbert’s own career also marks two decades this year, and he tells me firsthand how the Oppy culture and vision inspire others.

“I got my start in sales with Oppy after working in buying for about eight years,” he shares with me, explaining how he journeyed from produce marketing with Gordon Food Service Canada to working for Costco Wholesale when the team of multidimensional produce experts caught his eye.

It was culture that drew him to the sales desk, where he worked his way organically up the ladder to lead sales for the company across Canada.

Now, Colbert has been with Oppy 12 years and in the industry for 20, tying himself intrinsically to the message. He gets to align his own career with the tagline that has strengthened Oppy’s offering while having been on the team for most of its lifespan.

“It’s been amazing, and sure there have been challenges—I have a few more gray hairs than I did when I first started—but it has all been a part of a greater journey to see our team grow both in employees and also in the growth of our supply partners,” he explains.

The celebration also marks a time of reflection. Of success and potential, winning strategies and opportunities for change. As we discuss the industry’s deep roots in tradition balancing a need for change, Colbert thinks about the impact of Expect the World From Us and the greater legacy behind the company guaranteeing it.

“This is a chapter in a bigger story, as it is also 165 years of Oppy this year. You don’t know where you are going unless you know where you’ve been. Innovation is important, but so is integrity found in experience,” he points out. “We are certainly excited to innovate. It’s why we have partnered with so many cutting-edge companies. We measure our success by how far we’ve come and where we continue to grow our tomorrow.”

To that, Colbert tells me that expecting the world means anticipating the new, and welcoming it.

“Because our promise sets us up to always strive for more, we have this infinite reach, a built-in adaptability even. So, while our business evolves, so do our aspirations,” he says. “Produce is an ever-changing space, so we balance that evolution while maintaining that process.”

Expect the World From Us. A philosophy, a promise, and a culture felt from the Oppy team to all it impacts, with a reach as far as the tagline it follows.

Twenty years and counting. 

Continuing to Expect The World