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Pacific Northwest Cherries SnackChat

Pacific Northwest Cherries SnackChat

A bountiful United States Northwest cherry destination grants retailers a level of exclusivity—an element that holds an unspoken power over many shoppers. If you’re looking to drive foot traffic with a premium produce item, the treasured category holds the answers that you seek. These indulgent and lucrative offerings lay a clear path to an increase in impulse purchases and basket share. Not to mention, their seasonal availability will have consumers clamoring to see who can get their hands on them first. With the help of a few of our industry friends, I have no doubt you’ll soon be hearing register cha-chings almost as sweet as the cherries they provide...

Mac Riggan,

Director of Marketing, Chelan Fresh

“Nothing says ‘summer’ more than the arrival of cherries at the grocery store. As a defined seasonal item, cherries offer retailers a great opportunity to build excitement in their produce departments. The refrigerated space at the front of the produce department is an ideal placement for them. If retailers can gain a shopper’s attention the minute they walk in the door with a cherry display, which is typically a higher-priced produce item, they can capture that dollar early. Buyers, reach out to your shippers for tips and merchandising ideas because we know our product well, and we’re ready and willing to educate and help you do the best you can at the retail level.”


Brianna Shales,

Marketing Director, Stemilt

“Cherries are one of the few seasonal items remaining in the produce department, representing 4 percent of total produce dollars from May through September. Every week matters during the cherry season because of the premium they sell for and the impulsive nature of consumer purchases. It’s important for retailers to plan for the key cherry holidays, like Memorial Day for California cherries and Fourth of July for Washington cherries, yet stay fluid with their plans to take advantage of crop peaks whenever they arrive. Cherries should have ample and prominent display space all summer long and be merchandised on refrigerated tables whenever possible to ensure consumers pick them up and have the best eating experience. One awesome cherry experience leads to another, and that is how we collectively grow category sales and retail dollars.”


Danelle Huber,

Marketing Specialist, CMI Orchards

“CMI Orchards has the largest selection of specialty cherries! Along with our Nature’s Candy Sweet Red and Rainier cherries, we are proud to deliver exceptional cherry varieties, brands, and programs to create category excitement. Skylar Rae® cherries are crisp, juicy, and simply bursting with flavor. A unique PLU offers easy sales tracking and online activations. Our Strawberry cherries stand out with their unique, creamy pale flesh and light speckling—deliciously sweet with a hint of strawberry flavor. During the 2021 season, we launched our XXL cherries brand for those customers looking for exceptional size and sweetness. When we think cherries, we think sunshine, BBQs, beaches, and all things summer! Our American Dream cherry program offers a beautiful Fourth of July display opportunity, grabbing the attention of your shoppers while also supporting efforts to donate to local or national veteran charities. It’s a wholesome, feel-good program that retailers and consumers can really get behind! Cherry season is short and sweet, and CMI has all the tools you need for sales success.”

Catherine Gipe-Stewart,

Communications Manager, Superfresh Growers®

“Bourbon cherry pie, cherry Popsicles®, roasted cherries on a pork chop, fresh cherries poolside…cherries are the seasonal cue that summer is here. There is a magical culinary inspiration when working with something truly seasonal in the kitchen. Playing up the seasonality and inspirational quality of cherries is a great way to take advantage of one of these last seasonal produce items. Rainier cherries, the sweet gems of summer, merchandise well with bourbon and sweet vermouth for a Bourbon Cherry Smash, or next to tart crusts for a fresh mascarpone tart or cherry clafoutis. Dark Sweet Cherry Popsicles have been a long-time summer trend. Merchandise next to fun Popsicle molds, or use recipe cards to help inspire. If space is an issue, Superfresh Growers® has point-of-sale cards and recipe tear-off sheets available.”


Steve Shearer,

Sales Manager, Bravante Produce

“The cherry category demands a premium experience at retail, and Bravante Produce’s California cherry program is a perfect opportunity to offer that differentiation and excitement consumers love to see in the fresh produce department. We kicked off our California cherry program at the beginning of May with excellent, high-end fruit with great size and quality. We grow all of the fruit that we sell, which helps us ensure our retail partners only receive the highest-quality, premium fruit available.”


Kathryn Klein,

 Co-Owner, Hood River Cherry Company

“We love the praise we get for our cherries every summer! Our family orchard produces the sweetest, largest, most flavorful cherries on the market. These premium cherries are a delicate fruit, and the way they make it from tree to customer is critical. Because our cherries are tree-ripened to peak perfection, the key is to handpick them, lock in the flavor with a cool water bath, and get them to your customers as cold and quickly as possible. Any interruption in the cold chain will create brown stems—and keeping the bags closed will preserve moisture!” 

Pacific Northwest Cherries SnackChat