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Pacific Northwest Cherries SnackChat

Pacific Northwest Cherries SnackChat


teeped in mythological legend and strengthened by modern demand, the cherry category delights across all fronts. Tantalizing the senses with bright flavor profiles and rubied hues, cherries are so much more than an add-on item in the produce department. They’re a stalwart of stonefruit programs, a sales driver, and proof of our industry’s timeless connection to quality. Read on to see how these category captains are taking cherries to the next level…

Brianna Shales,

Marketing Director, Stemilt

“Cherries are deeply rooted in Stemilt’s 60-year company history and have a bright future as we head into the 2024 season. This special fruit is one of few seasonal items in the produce department and makes up nearly 3 percent of total produce department dollars during its April through August season. Stemilt is proud to have the longest cherry season in North America, with a late April start in California and long Washington season that culminates with our special high-altitude A Half Mile Closer to the Moon® cherry program. Winning at cherries is all about following the season’s changes and executing the Four Ps (product, placement, price, and promotion) during its peaks. With our brands, packaging, merchandising offerings, and flavorful fruit, we look forward to helping retailers grow volume and dollars in cherries this season and beyond.”

Allie Perrault,

Customer Insights Manager, Rainier Fruit Company

“The Northwest cherry season is truly unlike anything else! Mother Nature will prove you wrong time and time again, but those little bursts of joy are worth every rewritten plan. Cherries are picked up by your impulse buyers, most loyal shoppers, and basket builders—the ultimate definers of database buzzwords. In our office, we like to say ‘don’t trip over your imagination,’ because during the cherry season, creativity wins every day of the week. Cheers to cherries (and incremental sales)!” 

Mac Riggan,

Director of Marketing, Chelan Fresh 

“Chelan Fresh offers retailers a consistent Washington cherry program that performs over the entire summer season. With early cherries available around June 1, we can help retailers jumpstart their Northwest cherry promotions as California winds down. Because our season extends into late August, even more profits can be made satisfying the die-hard cherry lover. Our Jumbo cherry pack offers retailers a cherry once only shipped to export markets, that will surprise and delight the most discerning consumers. It’s a real point of differentiation. Our cherry merchandisers add valuable square footage to the produce department during the crowded summer season, making it easy to proudly display Northwest cherries front and center.”

Rochelle Bohm,

Vice President of Marketing, CMI Orchards

“It’s cherry season in the Pacific Northwest, where crisp nights and warm spring sunshine produce the best-tasting cherries on the planet. Our extensive cherry program, featuring Nature’s Candy, Daisy Girl Organics®, and American Dream® brands, boasts the largest variety of cherries—including specialty options like Skylar Rae®, Strawberry Cherries, and XXL® (jumbo) cherries. High-graphic point-of-sale materials boost impulse purchases, plus, CMI helps amplify sales with comprehensive omnichannel support. We’re ready for a stellar season ahead and look forward to delighting customers during our short, sweet cherry window.”

Sarah Lucas,

Director of Retail Strategy, Superfresh Growers®

“Summertime brings sunshine, lightning bugs, baseball games, pool parties, and, most importantly, summer fruit. Northwest cherries are the perfect summer fruit to star in your produce department. They not only enhance parties, recipes, and snacks but also engage customers effectively. Establishing a strong merchandising plan is crucial for capturing impulse buys. This includes in-store promotions, impactful displays, and cross-departmental strategies, alongside a robust digital plan utilizing platforms like banner ads, suggestive selling, and digital coupons. These efforts ensure omnichannel shoppers are reminded of the arrival of cherry season and encouraged to indulge in this special time of year.”

Emily Autrey,

Marketing Manager, FirstFruits Farms

“As consumers face higher grocery costs, the question arises: Why purchase cherries? Cherries offer not just a sweet treat but a burst of affordable indulgence that nourishes the body and mind without the hefty price tag of other luxuries. Retailers play a pivotal role in educating consumers about cherries’ nutritional prowess and in crafting displays that evoke the essence of summertime. Bursting with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, cherries are a worthwhile investment. Plus, their culinary versatility means their value stretches even further. With us, retailers access our exclusive Gem Drops packaging, which exudes the spirit of summer. We create engaging promotional materials that educate shoppers on the nutrition and versatility of cherries, effectively conveying their value and ensuring that every purchaser recognizes cherries as a luxurious and healthful investment this summer.” 

Pacific Northwest Cherries SnackChat