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June MVP: Tiffany Sabelli, Senior Director of Sales, Pure Flavor®

June MVP: Tiffany Sabelli, Senior Director of Sales, Pure Flavor®

In an industry like produce, grit is often synonymous with the growers overcoming the elements out in the fields, but Tiffany Sabelli is changing the narrative by bringing the concept to the office. Having dug in and worked her way to a pivotal leadership role, this sales ace knows a thing or two about keeping your nose to the grindstone to achieve what’s in your mind’s eye. But that doesn’t mean she’s all work and no play. Read on to see the heart and personality Tiffany brings to everything she does…

Tiffany Sabelli

Senior Director of Sales, Pure Flavor®

time at Pure Flavor®: 11 years

What Your Role Is Really Like

“After spending 11 years at Pure Flavor®, there is still constant change and growth within the company. Each day brings fresh challenges that keep my job engaging. Knowing my efforts directly contribute to the company’s success and customer satisfaction with eating healthy and flavorful products fuels my passion and drive. The sales team’s energy is very high and contagious, and we use that energy to kick off the day. Plus, working with perishable products adds an extra layer of excitement.”

Words of Wisdom for the Next Generation

“Make grit your secret weapon; for me, it’s a non-negotiable. But it’s also about integrating authenticity, empathy, and a drive to wake up the next morning and start all over again with the same inspiration and motivation you came in with. In sales, lasting success involves building trust and understanding your clients. It’s about grinding it out and bouncing back every day.”

How Sales Becomes A Life Lesson

“Sales has taught me the importance of resilience, effective communication, and building meaningful relationships. I find myself negotiating and seeking mutually beneficial outcomes in different situations, embracing challenges, and connecting with others on a deeper level.”

Surprise Us

“If my career weren’t in produce, I would work for an airline. I am fascinated by the logistics of airspace, airports, and airplanes, and I am at ease on a long flight. Growing up with limited resources, we didn’t get to travel often, but my parents taught me the importance of resilience and hard work. Now, with the opportunity to travel for work, I see it as a sign of progress. Each trip and meeting with clients isn’t just about work achievements but also about overcoming obstacles. It reminds me that perseverance pays off. When I am not traveling, I enjoy spoiling my nieces and nephews—striving for Best Aunt status!”