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Industry Spotlight: Conservation in Motion

Industry Spotlight: Conservation in Motion

At Rainier Fruit Company, great care is taken to ensure the safe passage of fruit along the supply chain. With facilities taking full advantage of the area’s endless supply of summer sun to power packing lines, teams planning and executing a year-round packing schedule, and logistics teams to deliver the final product smoothly and efficiently, find out how Rainier does it...

1. Solar System

Rainier’s investment in solar is an exciting step. At Rainier’s Harrison facility, 336 solar panels were installed and have continued to yield nearly 700,000 kWh annually—enough energy to supply 13 houses for a year. Being stewards of the planet has always been a part of the culture.

2. Organic PACKING

Green Line is the latest addition to Rainier’s state-of-the-art packing lines. The green line is dedicated to organic packing year-round, and it is a site to see. As demand for organics continues to grow, Rainier is primed to provide the volume and quality that customers have come to expect.

3. All Aboard the City Bus

With fruit as the precious passengers, Rainier has built its own system to bring efficiency across operations. The logistics team brings many efficiencies, including a one-stop shop for customers. Rainier’s City Bus program saves nearly 600,000 pounds of CO2 per year, another step toward creating a cleaner world.

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