Raspberries SnackChat

Raspberries SnackChat

Lovely as a rose, tasty as a berry, the delightful raspberry puts the “red” in redolent. On the rise in demand and appreciation among the snacking fruits of our time, it is an item worth its space here in The Snack. Let your eyes take a walk through the patch among these pages to see why this is a key category to include among your department stars.

Kyla Oberman,

Director of Marketing, California Giant Berry Farms

“Raspberries are alluring! Their sweet and tart flavor profile is undoubtedly a draw to consumers who are craving a refreshing option—whether eaten as a fresh snack or used as an ingredient item. To ensure consumers receive the berry best raspberry experience, promote the gentle handling of the fruit and educate consumers about proper storage, including the importance of maintaining cold chain and washing just prior to use. When merchandising fresh raspberries, always include them in a larger berry display along with strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Because raspberries have a multitude of uses, encourage a variety of consumption by cross-merchandising them with complementary products.”

Fernando Aguiar,

Director of Business Development, Naturipe

“June and July will bring us a new season of delicious summertime raspberries, where we’ll continue to offer our customers some amazing varieties. Our proprietary raspberry program is available year-round, and this summer is no exception. Consumers will be able to enjoy raspberries as part of their favorite meal or snack! We expect a healthy market for this summer, with steady volumes and strong demand for these berry beauties.”

Dean Barbis,

Category Director of Berries, Oppy

“With raspberries increasing in both dollar sales and volume since pre-pandemic levels and growing steadily, label pollution is fierce, so look to Ocean Spray®. Harnessing 96 percent brand awareness and high purchase intent, the Ocean Spray label stands out on the shelf because it’s been recognized as high quality for decades. We have been able to build the Ocean Spray fresh brand very quickly due in part to consumer awareness and trust that crosses from center store into produce—it’s ultimately a winning combination because retailers reap the benefits, and so do consumers. Ocean Spray Family Farmer Owned raspberries continue to grow in Central Mexico, the Baja peninsula, and California. This branded line is an exclusive partnership with Oppy, so be sure to reach out to our team today!”

William Goldfield,

Director of Corporate Communications, Dole Food Company

“Merchandise raspberries alongside blackberries. This not only offers an eye-appealing color break for consumers but also positions the two higher-end berries together as the more premium products in the berry category. Additionally, whenever possible, utilize POS (point of sale) and display signage to showcase well-recognized brands in the category as a trusted sign of quality and differentiation for shoppers.” 

Raspberries SnackChat