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Snackchat: Berries

Snackchat: Berries

Little gems of juicy morsels fill the table. Cranberries puréed into a sauce, warm blues reduced to a thick spread, fresh strawberries baked into pies and cakes, and berries of all kinds line drinks aplenty. Such is the versatility of this category, bringing a range of flavor to any dish utilizing their tart and sweet profiles. Need ideas to give your shoppers inspiration during this busy time? Look no further than these category conductors as they dish out invaluable tips, tricks, and takes...

Brent Scattini,

Vice President of West Coast, Seven Seas

“Seven Seas is ready for the winter berry season. With increased production in our Central Mexican growing regions and increased investment in the vertical integration of our distribution systems, we know we are ready for a banner year. We are confident that our Mexican partnerships will benefit our retail, wholesale, and foodservice customers alike. The pandemic provided unanticipated challenges, yet the opportunities gained in overcoming those adversities will benefit the entire supply chain. Two new cooling facilities, better varietal controls and cultural practices, distribution, and certifications will rival our domestic programs. And with production already in progress, Seven Seas is the ideal partner for this holiday season.”


Bobby Jones,

Co-Managing Partner, Bobalu

“Thankfully, fresh strawberries are no longer a seasonal treat but instead are a versatile, year-round fruit fit for every occasion. So, as shopping trends shift into holiday mode, our berries still have a place at the table. Shoppers at this time of the year enjoy including fresh berries in baking, holiday cocktails, and festive charcuterie boards. At Bobalu, we have solutions for every occasion to inspire and help ensure strawberries are in the shopping cart all year long.”


Frances Dillard,

Vice President of Brand and Product Marketing, Driscoll’s

“As we approach the holiday season, Driscoll’s berry consumers are expressing optimism for happier days and gratitude for time spent with family and friends. Our fresh, beautiful, and delicious berries play an important role during these times when people are spending more moments at home and engaged in simpler gatherings and celebrations. Driscoll’s campaign, Sweetness Worth Sharing, continues to capture authentic family ‘slice of life’ moments as our berries promote emotional connections through shared experiences. The hashtags #OnlyTheFinest and #SweetnessWorthSharing allow our consumers to share their berry joy.”


Cherie France,

Marketing Manager, Homegrown Organic Farms

“It’s that blue organic goodness for me. Small but mighty and packed full of nutrition and flavor, blueberries are a fantastic addition to any post-workout smoothie, a tasty crisp, or as a simple salad topper. With the Homegrown Organic import blueberry season getting ready to kick-off, we’re excited to be able to keep retail shelves stocked with high-quality organic blueberries, year-round, and as the seasonal push comes in, our berries will make the perfect addition to any holiday spread.”


Kyla Oberman,

Director of Marketing, California Giant Berry Farms

“Berries and the winter holidays go hand-in-hand. From Thanksgiving and Hanukkah to Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, I encourage retailers to maintain their full berry patch with in-store displays and ensure digital signage is largely visible. The in-season availability of fresh strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries from North and South America during this time of year provides a consistent supply of flavor and color. Healthy berries are ideal for eating on their own or as an ingredient in any dish.”


Amber Maloney,

Director of Marketing, Wish Farms

“The holidays are upon us, and we are loving all the inventive charcuterie creations that feature fresh berries. The cutest party trend this season is ‘jarcuterie’—personal charcuterie boards served in individual jars safe for grazing. Whether sweet or savory, berries are a perfect flavor complement. Leveraging lifestyle ambassador partnerships, Wish Farms will be promoting unique ways to incorporate berries at holiday gatherings. Through a series of strategic Pinterest campaigns, video reels, and consumer giveaways, we plan to feature both curated and raw content to show the endless flavor possibilities.”


Brian Klumpp,

Director of Marketing, North Bay Produce

“It is a very exciting time to be a grower and marketer of berries—and to be a consumer as well. The reason for this is that growers are becoming so much better each year at determining the best varieties of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries for their particular growing regions, along with perfecting their growing techniques. With ever-expanding expertise, the quality of the berries continually improves. At North Bay Produce, we have developmental programs where we constantly work on improving the flavor, firmness, and the shelf-life of our berries. And we are realizing tremendous results.”


CarrieAnn Arias,

Vice President of Marketing, Naturipe Farms®

“Berries make a delicious snack or breakfast on their own, but I love cooking with berries and bringing them into savory dishes you wouldn’t normally expect! I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting and learning how to use berries in new recipes. My most recent creation is using raspberries when cooking salmon. If you make teriyaki salmon and add raspberries into the teriyaki at the end and put it on top, it is so, so good. Savory cooking with berries has become a huge thing for me recently, and I think others should try it!”


Steve Poindexter,

Vice President of Sales, Berry People

“Consumers are continuing to become more aware of the eclectic health benefits attributed to berries—especially blueberries. Studies have shown tremendous results in blood sugar control, gastrointestinal support, and positive impact on cognitive impairment of aging combined with cancer-fighting attributes. So, we will see much higher demand in the berry categories from both young and senior populations. Beyond all of the health benefits are the flexibility aspects where we find consumers using berries at all meals, including snacks. This holiday season is the perfect time to promote them for all shoppers’ meal-prepping needs. Berries fit firmly in the superfood category, and with low calorie, low fat, and high fiber attributes, they only make for continued success.”