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Snackchat: Chef's Corner

Snackchat: Chef's Corner

It takes two to tango, and I think the same logic can be applied when we talk about the amazing creations between the supply-side and the culinary elite. As we move more toward innovation and depart the archaic compartments that keep us from competing in the grocery and foodservice space, collaboration will become more key than ever before. Here are just a few of such great "meetings of the minds," and we think you will agree where the future is headed...

Sunkist Growers

Chef Sally Camacho Mueller,

Award-Winning Pastry Chef

“A lot of creativity comes from knowing what’s in season because ‘what grows together, goes together.’ I love using every part of Sunkist citrus, from the zest to the juice to the segments, and being able to intensify the flavors of the citrus to different levels to make any dish pop. By collaborating with Sunkist Growers, I know I am supporting California and Arizona farmers who make up the cooperative’s membership. There’s something special in knowing where the fruit is grown, the history behind the brand, and sharing in the benefits of Sunkist® citrus.”

Christina Ward,

Senior Director of Global Marketing, Sunkist Growers

“Cooking and baking with Sunkist® oranges, lemons, grapefruit, Tangelos, and Mandarins are easy and accessible for chefs of all levels. More and more consumers are learning just how fun it is to incorporate fresh citrus into recipes. In fact, we learned from a shopper behavior study that 75 percent of lemon purchases in 2021 were driven by recipes that called for this kitchen staple. Working with talented experts like Chef Sally Camacho Mueller helps us showcase the versatility of Sunkist citrus and highlight each variety’s unique flavors.”


Duda Farm Fresh Foods

Chef Todd Fisher,

Culinary Ambassador, Duda Farm Fresh Foods, and Vice President of Culinary Operations, Folktale Winery Group

“The quality, consistency, and story of a product can change a dish and the way that a plate can exist and thrive on a menu. I have no doubt about that. As a chef who works hard to bring the farm-to-fork aspect to my kitchens, I find the relationship with Duda Farm Fresh Foods as a no-brainer. While I’m able to provide direction on new cooking styles and flavors, the team offers insight into trends coming out of the foodservice industry that shape certain aspects of my own business. It has been a pleasure collaborating with Duda over these past years, and I look forward to our continued growth together.”

Nichole Towell,

Senior Director of Marketing and Packaging Procurement, Duda Farm Fresh Foods

“Working hand in hand with a chef to elevate our product’s visibility and versatility has been a huge goal for Duda Farm Fresh Foods since we realized the potential of such a partnership. We’ve been working with Chef Todd Fisher for seven years—unofficially for over 20 years—and believe his foodservice expertise and vision help to keep us relevant within the space. Through this partnership, we have a front-row seat for upcoming trends within the restaurant industry and access to an expert that can give us ways to apply them to our products.”


Windset Farms

Chef Trevor Bird,

Executive Chef, Windset Farms®, and Owner and Chef, Fable Kitchen

“As a restaurant Owner and Chef, I always look for ingredients that taste and look amazing. I know I can always get that from Windset Farms®, year-round. With its strict food safety program, it gives me peace of mind that the company’s produce is both delicious and grown safely and sustainably. Whether served up in the restaurant or when I’m experimenting in the kitchen creating recipes, Windset Farms’ produce is always a culinary win!”

John Newell,

Chief Operating Officer and Owner, Windset Farms®

“Windset Farms® has been partnering with Trevor Bird since 2018. His restaurant, Fable Kitchen, is a local Vancouver, Canada, favorite, serving up authentic farm-to-table dining. When we have a new item, we always send samples to Trevor to use at his restaurant. By doing this, we get real feedback from Fable guests. Trevor is also the chef behind our newest Windset recipes, where he uses his culinary expertise to showcase our delicious produce!”