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Stonefruit Snapshot

Stonefruit Snapshot

The sweet scent of peaches, the slight give of plums, and the stream of juices of pluots. These and more are what shoppers yearn for when they seek out stonefruit this season. Consumers and foodservice operators have given rise to blending sweet with savory applications, and this category is no exception. Give ground for these must-have varieties, and your shoppers will keep coming back… 


Flavor: Tangy and sweet, develops a richer sweetness as it ripens

Color: Soft yellow and orange tones, red hints

Season: End of Apr–Mid-Aug



*60%–75% Apricot, 25%–40% Plum

Flavor: Hearty flesh with abundant nectar

Color: Soft yellow and orange notes

Season: End of Apr–May, Jul


Donut Peach

Flavor: Similar to white peach

Color: Varies

Season: May


Red and Black Plums

Flavor: Juicy and sweet

Color: Ranging from dark purple to deep red/yellow blends

Season: Apr–End of Nov


Pluot (Plumcot*)

*60%–75% Plum, 25%–40% Apricot

Flavor: Fusion of flavor by variety

Color: Purple, red, spotted white, green, and yellow

Season: May–Oct


White Nectarine

Flavor: Very sweet, ranging from sugary to more mild with herbal tones

Color: Red and orange, with white and beige coloring

Season: May–Mid-Sep


White Peach

Flavor: Very sweet, ranging from sugary to more mild with herbal tones

Color: White with a red or pink blush

Season: May–End of Oct


Yellow Nectarine

Flavor: Bright, sweet-tart with a smooth nectar

Color: Yellow with a red and orange blush

Season: End of Apr–Sep


Yellow Peach

Flavor: Sweet, tangy, and bright, with aromatic nectar

Color: Red and orange with yellow undertones

Season: Apr–End of Oct


Source: Information provided by AndNowUKnow and The Snack stonefruit contributors