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Strawberry Snackchat

Strawberry Snackchat

There is something about the strawberry set that lures shoppers in, tugging at their taste buds with the promise of sweet satisfaction that only fresh produce can provide. As the springtime sunshine causes retail opportunities to sprout, look to this top-dollar category to see your produce sales grow. While there are a million ways to maximize merchandising success for the coveted crop, you won’t want to miss these tips from this group of strawberry savants…

Anthony Gallino,

Vice President of Sales, Bobalu

“May is strawberry month! It’s perfect timing to capture sales as shoppers are excited about spring and summer peak season berries. Strawberries are always in demand at this time of year as consumers enjoy the change in weather, graduations, events, and holidays ahead. Retailers have so many opportunities to draw shoppers into the store by making their large strawberry displays a destination. At the same time, Bobalu is building demand with influencer support, new and easy usage ideas, and rebate offers for fresh strawberries, supported by peak volume for the next several weeks. Shoppers tell us that because of the great flavor and quality we offer, they will keep putting strawberries in their cart every time they shop. The key is to ensure retail displays are prominent, full, and inviting to capture those sales every time.”


Kyla Oberman,

Director of Marketing, California Giant Berry Farms

“Merchandising a full berry patch beautifully showcases the vibrant, contrasting colors of fresh berries and catches the shopper’s eye. We know that today’s consumer is placing a greater emphasis on healthy eating and different pack sizes are in demand—offering 1, 2, and 3 lb packs of strawberries is a great way to satisfy this. Supporting a well-maintained primary berry patch with a secondary display is a great opportunity for added visibility to in-store shoppers. Finally, e-commerce representation is critical. How, when, where, and why we shop has evolved in recent years, and e-commerce is not to be forgotten.”


Nick Wishnatzki,

Public Relations Manager, Wish Farms

“Strawberries are the superstar of the produce aisle! So, it is always a great idea to highlight recipes and beverages that feature these red gems. However, I am also a big believer that we need to do more to build loyalty and trust with consumers. Nothing connects more with the modern, conscious shopper than a photo and short bio highlighting the actual farmer behind the brand. The more we get to share our stories with berry consumers, the better. We have great stories to tell! Many berry growers are passionate people with multi-generational businesses. Connecting these friendly faces with shoppers shows them there are real, hard-working people bringing delicious berries to market.”


Jason Fung,

Vice President of Categories and Strategy, Oppy

“There’s a new, sustainably sweet concept on the market—Ocean Spray Happy Berry hydroponic strawberries. This unique offering allows us to provide a high-quality, high-consistency, great-eating piece of fruit. Grown on chest-high tabletops to ease labor, Happy Berry strawberries from Oppy yield more beautiful berries per acre, use 20 percent less plastic in production, reduce chemical inputs, eliminate the need for ground fumigation, and delight consumers. It’s an item that is better for our workforce and uses resources, water, and land more efficiently, at a time when people could use a little Happy Berry in their lives.”


CarrieAnn Arias,

Vice President of Marketing, Naturipe Farms

“Strawberries are a healthy and delicious snack all year long, but summer is an exciting time to merchandise them for maximum sales success! We encourage cross-merchandising strawberries with complementary items. Think dipping chocolate to appeal to a shopper’s sweet tooth, or angel food cake and whipped cream for a delicious summer strawberry shortcake treat.”


Grant Garbinski,

Product Marketing Manager, Driscoll’s

“Driscoll’s offers two high-flavor specialty strawberries that will elevate your consumer’s summer strawberry snacking—Sweetest Batch and Rosé Berries. These two strawberries go above and beyond, delivering on the consumer’s number-one purchase driver of flavor. Packed with proprietary varieties exclusive to Driscoll’s, Sweetest Batch strawberries are not your average strawberries. Carefully selected, these cream of the crop strawberries are extra-juicy and extra-rich, which will leave your consumers asking how something so small can pack a punch so sweet! Perfectly ripe and naturally pink, Driscoll’s proprietary Rosé Berries offer subtle and refined sophistication. Sweet, peachy flavors give way to delicate floral notes—similar to what you might find in your favorite glass of rosé bubbly! Both of these Driscoll’s specialty strawberry products are available across the country and throughout the entirety of the summer!” 

Strawberry Snackchat