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Strawberry Snackchat

Strawberry Snackchat

Strawberries wear their seeds on their sleeves for all to see. Perhaps that is why they continue to drive premium purchases in the produce department, or perhaps it’s the tender love and care that has gone into spotlighting this category in flavor, color, and messaging. Whatever the reason, these showstoppers are a summertime dream. Here are a few experts to share how you can turn that sunshine into sales…

Anthony Gallino,

Vice President of Sales, Bobalu Berry Farms

“Summer is here, and so are endless opportunities to promote our fresh strawberries at retail. Families and friends are finally getting outside, getting together, and sharing all those experiences they have missed over the last year. The June timing is perfect for peak strawberry season, which has been a little late to the party this year. Now is the time to promote plentiful summer strawberries and feature larger pack sizes to make shopping easier for those picnics and parties, which also provides a larger ring at checkout. We are providing inspiration for shoppers to include strawberries on every summer menu from brunch to dessert and, of course, cocktails.”

Kyla Oberman,

Director of Marketing, California Giant Berry Farms

“I love seeing the bountiful buffet of fresh fruits in the produce section during the summer. Strawberries make for the perfect centerpiece to this display with their gorgeous color and delicious scent, inevitably grabbing the attention of shoppers—whether that be an intentional or impulse purchase. Keep them engaged by including blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries in that same display and consider adding colorful signage that reinforces their many health benefits. QR codes featuring easy and unique recipes is another great way to increase shoppers’ baskets and encourage consumption of peak of season fresh berries.”

CarrieAnn Arias,

Vice President of Marketing, Naturipe Farms

“To merchandise strawberries for maximum sales success, we encourage retailers to display a full berry patch presentation with strawberries alongside blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. When consumers see multiple berry options, they are more likely to pick up more than one type. Want to up the ante? Stir up some competition by creating a strawberry display contest amongst multiple stores and incentivize Produce Managers with fun summer-themed prizes. We have also seen great success with cross-merchandising strawberries with complementary items such as angel food cake and whipped cream for a delicious summer strawberry shortcake treat. BOGO in-store promotions also help retailers increase shopper baskets.”

Kiana (Wilkinson) Amaral,

Business Manager, Blazer Wilkinson

“While putting strawberries front and center in your store is always the best option, pairing them with merchandising options such as champagne, chocolate, and shortcakes is sure to drive sales. Recipe cards and photos are also a great way to encourage shoppers to pick up an extra clamshell or two!”

TJ Wilson,

Brand and Key Account Manager, Oppy

“Despite the supply challenges experienced in the first half of 2021, strawberries continue to demonstrate growth, validating the importance this berry has to a retailer’s overall category. Oppy and Ocean Spray® recognize that our family of farmers are key to our continued success. We recommend retailers help connect their shoppers back to the fields and farms in which their berries were grown whenever they can. This can be done in a variety of ways, including the construction of creative and eye-catching farm stand displays, point-of-sale signage, spotlights in their circular ads, as well as digitally across both their e-commerce and social platforms, which have grown significantly since the start of the pandemic.”

Amber Maloney,

Director of Marketing, Wish Farms

“Bright, vibrant, and, oh, so sweet. Whether you’re at the beach, on a boat, or hanging out in the backyard watching your kids run through the sprinklers, biting into a fresh, juicy strawberry is the ultimate summertime staple. Wish Farms is always looking at trends for new creative ways families are enjoying fresh berries. #PrettyWater is a trend we are following and absolutely love! Consumers are mixing fresh strawberries with other berries, citrus, and herbs to create ‘pretty water’ flavor combinations. Berry lovers are even slicing and blending strawberries into ice cube trays to create frozen treats that mix perfectly into summer cocktails and mocktails. Social media not only creates trends, but it also drives consumption. It’s inspiring to see the creativity and Instagram-worthy photos shared by moms, fitness lovers, health experts, influencers, and Gen-Zers alike. This summer, Wish Farms has plans to highlight this popular use of strawberries with recipes and promotions of our own.”