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In an age of quick fixes and fast turnarounds, Sarah Matejowsky gives the long game the slow burn of a great workout, a long-held goal achieved, an impossible task accomplished. Success is sometimes in the winding ladder you climb to the Sales Director title, or in the adventure of finding a personal satisfaction to enhance the professional. I found strength in Sarah’s journey, and hope you, dear readers, do as well…

Sarah Matejowsky

Sales Director, Eastern Region, Sunkist Growers

Time at Company: 30 Years

What Your Role Is Really Like

“It’s an exciting journey filled with purpose and a commitment to promoting healthy habits. I’ve worn several hats during my tenure at Sunkist®, diving into various facets of the citrus industry. One thing that keeps the role exciting and challenging is the ever-changing influence of Mother Nature. Perishable sales means constantly adapting to multiple variables. This season has thrown us a curveball with a larger-sized crop, sizes we haven’t seen in over a decade. It’s a reminder that adaptability and resilience are key in this industry. Each citrus season is a dynamic adventure with learning, growth, and a few surprises along the way.”

A Mentor Mentored: Those Who Have Shaped Sarah

Amelia Casey - “My mom and hero; a true rocket scientist programming for the space shuttle simulator and a full-time parent.”

John McGuigan, Director of Industry Affairs, Hass Avocado Board - “Right out of college, he believed in my potential and set the stage for my career.”

John Slagel, Retired Regional Director, Sunkist Growers - “John has been a guiding force, shaping my approach to challenges.”

David Vorderlandwehr, Former Executive, Sunkist Growers - “Sadly, David has since passed away, but his wisdom continues to influence my decisions and perspectives.”

Surprise Us

“Completing two Ironman races taught me valuable life lessons. At 40, after two decades at Sunkist, moving to three different states, and raising a family, I needed a mindset shift. Personal satisfaction truly extends beyond the workplace—a feeling of fulfillment and purpose is often the greatest reward.”

Words of Wisdom for the Next Generation

“Not every job or industry allows for promotions and growth right away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow yourself. If you are looking for gratification or satisfaction through work, it won’t sustain you because you can’t always control those elements. Find your hobby, your niche, your passion—something that can help you maintain a fresh mindset out of the office to help your mental well-being. You’ll bring your best version of yourself to the job this way.”

How Sales Becomes A Life Lesson

“Endurance and pushing yourself are incredibly valuable assets. This is the same in sales, an Ironman, or life in general. The endurance mindset from personal pursuits is powerful in both personal and professional journeys.”