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Superbowl Snackchat

Superbowl Snackchat

Nothing screams “Super Bowl” as much as a table laden with game-time dishes. Finger food is always a go-to option during the sports-heavy weekend, but what if your shoppers are aiming to freshen things up this year? Look no further than these masterful merchants. They’ve got their playbooks open and calls ready for you to take to the field and have a smashing sales season...

Jan DeLyser,

Vice President of Marketing, California Avocado Commission

“Some consumers shop before the Big Game, others on game day. Merchandising avocados that are fully ripe along with some that will be ripe in a few days helps to maximize the huge potential for avocado sales. A recent California Avocado Commission study among avocado shoppers in California found that 40 percent preferred to purchase avocados that are perfectly ripe or ripe and a little soft, and 55 percent preferred to select avocados that are ripe but still firm or not yet ripe to very firm. A few prefer a variety of ripeness levels. Calling out ripeness on display can help with shopper expectations and satisfaction.”


Gary Clevenger,

Managing Member, Freska Produce International

“For me, this Super Bowl will revolve around food, friends, and family. A tradition for quite a few years now is to have friends over for the game. I bring out the smoker, and we slow cook something. Every year, we try to out-make the food from previous years. The new year brings a great time to transition the produce aisle, and new offerings of mangos and avocados help consumers with their resolutions of eating clean foods. Including these items in my Super Bowl dishes is a must because they complement any dish. Mangos and guacamole are great ideas in layer dips, or consider mixing mangos with habanero for an incredible salsa dip. The ideas are endless.”


Heidi Wieber,

Brand Manager, Litehouse

“The Big Game is the occasion, but the snacks are what gets people talking—and we believe the best snacks are the ones that dip! This year, our Will It Dip? campaign will help fans get Game Day ready through videos, recipes, dip tips and tricks, and one of our star players: the Dip Master. Wings, chips, veggies, pretzels, pickles…whether traditional or a little adventurous, we want to encourage new dip combos and provide dip and snacking inspiration for game day parties. Litehouse makes it easy to be the Dip Master at your Game Day party!”

Pablo Rivero,

Vice President of Marketing, North America, Mann Packing Co.

“Retailers can best prepare for ‘the big weekend’ by focusing on the two M’s: marketing and merchandising. Mann Packing Co. knows the impact social media marketing can have. When retailers partner with a major vegetable supplier like Mann Packing Co., there is the opportunity to share content across channels. Cross-merchandising is also extremely important when it comes to major sporting events. We’ve seen that promoting party trays with an array of veggies is an easy way to appease different appetites. Pairing classic veggies with signature game-day dips will intrigue any party planner.”


Nichole Towell,

Senior Director of Marketing and Packaging Procurement, Duda Farm Fresh Foods

“Aside from the holidays, the Big Game is THE day for snacking and eating finger foods while watching your team play. Shoppers will be looking for items that do not require a ton of prep so they can enjoy the game along with their watch party guests. Whether you’re including veggies with your dip spread or pairing them with a big plate of buffalo wings, Dandy® has you covered with sweeter, crispier, and less stringy celery than others on the grocery store shelves. Even better, they are fresh-cut and pre-washed for consumers’ convenience, so be sure to ‘stalk’ up soon!”


Valorie Sill,

Former Senior Manager, Communications and Engagement, Grimmway Farms

“The Big Game always attracts some big eaters, and produce snacks are receiving more space at the table than ever before. Carrot sticks, baby carrots, and carrot chips make a natural fit beside football-favorite appetizers like buffalo wings and onion dip, and sliced radishes make a fresh and flavorful alternative to high-sodium snacks. Use a variety of fruits and veggies to create a colorful spread that’s nearly fat-free and appeals to many tastes. Beet hummus, cauliflower pizza, and kale quesadillas will be filling my plate!”

Anthony Innocenti,

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, LIV Organic™ Produce

“Our core items are always major hits during the run-up to Super Bowl as well as game day. We are currently in full swing on our organic potatoes, onions, and citrus, making them the MVPs of the game day weekend. Russet potatoes are a perfect choice for classics like stuffed potato skins, and onions are amazing in seven-layer dips. Our organic citrus varieties also make great ingredients for shoppers’ preferred beverages or a great addition to any snacks and dishes. Be sure to display these fan-favorite items front and center for a great sales period.”