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Sweet Potato Snapshot

Sweet Potato Snapshot

Baked, fried, sautéed, mashed. There is no wrong way to enjoy a sweet potato—except to not enjoy one at all. That being said, give your shoppers exciting new opportunities to experience the wide range of unique sweet potato varieties by taking a gander at this comprehensive category guide... 


Flavor: Traditional sweet flavor; apricot and floral aroma; excellent for baking roasting, or in casseroles

Shape: Elongated

Eatability: Smooth; brown sugar

Color: Copper-rose to tan skin; orange flesh


Flavor: Moist, sweet, and earthy

Shape: Short and blocky

Eatability: Smooth and fibrous; softer variety

Color: Burnt-orange skin; orange flesh


Flavor: Very Sweet and extra moist

Shape: Elongated

Eatability: Smooth

Color: Red-copper to plum skin; orange flesh


Flavor: Sweet and moist

Shape: Elongated and blocky

Eatability: Smooth and fibrous

Color: Rust-orange skin; orange flesh


Flavor: Mildly sweet, drier-tasting, full, nutty flavor, with vanilla aroma; exotic alternative to traditional

Shape: Short and blocky

Eatability: Smooth, dry, firm, and dense

Color: Dark purple skin; white flesh


Flavor: Mild, sweet, drier-tasting, with nutty and earthy flavor

Shape: Longer and thinner when compared to blocky, elongated spuds

Eatability: Smooth and dry with medium firmness; low in visual and residual fiber

Color: Yellow skin; white to yellow flesh