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Value-Added SnackChat

Value-Added SnackChat

The allure of the value-added sector never fails to deliver—and for good reason. With the jam-packed schedule the average consumer runs through on any given day, having easy, convenient options to whip together and enjoy has become an essential part of the retail shelf. Not to mention nutrition; consumers are more mindful of what is being put into the product just as much as the taste. So, what’s a buyer to do? We tapped some fresh-fueled suppliers to get their opinions on how to best maximize the lucrative sector…

Alexandra Rae Molumby,

Marketing Manager, Bako Sweet®

“Like many, I was headed to a holiday party and didn’t have time to make a fancy recipe. I bought a microwavable fresh produce steam bag, dressed it up with olive oil, and no one knew the difference. I even got compliments! Sweet potatoes are in high demand during this time of year, and organic value-added products continue to be a fan favorite. To meet that demand, we have three new organic sweet potato steam bags that are triple-washed and ready to enjoy. By offering value-added organic sweet potatoes, shoppers can count on our Bako Sweet® steam bags for a large meal or microwaved as a single sweet for a quick snack.”


Mark Munger,

Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, 4Earth Farms

“Every year, the holidays are a busy time for everyone trying to juggle work and family obligations. Value-added produce solutions offer the convenience that makes meal preparation easier and more manageable for time-starved families. 4Earth’s washed-and-ready-to-prepare line of trimmed Brussels sprouts, trimmed green beans, and sugar snap peas are a perfect fit for flavorful holiday menus. And, just in time for the holidays, we are excited to be introducing our newest value-added items—12 oz broccoli and cauliflower florets and 16 oz cauliflower rice. Our 4Earth value-added line is a convenient way to wrap up 2021!”


Greg Sagan,

Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Giorgio Fresh Co.

“Every retailer has a different strategy in how they want to merchandise product. Giorgio Fresh believes that understanding each customer's unique strategy is key, so we offer customizable merchandising to fit every plan. Space allocation is extremely important in the mushroom category. It can be a great opportunity to do some simple testing with expanded sets to see and compare results. If there are too many value-added SKUs and not enough room, sales will be challenged. SKUs and space are intricately linked, so sales to space ratios need to be part of the planning. We believe that a complete category review makes good strategic sense to determine the effectiveness of layout and merchandising.”


Kathleen Triou,

President and Chief Executive Officer, Fresh Solutions Network

“The holiday season and value-added potatoes go together like hot cocoa and marshmallows: each is amazing on their own, but even better when enjoyed together. The holidays, while festive and fun, are a lot of work! It only makes sense to reach for value-added potatoes to get the job done. The fresh potato brand of Side Delights® delivers the convenience and taste consumers are looking for across our Steamables™, Bakeables®, and Flavorables® lines. Potatoes complement nearly all world cuisines and have a heart-warming flavor all of their own. We know that potatoes are consumers’ #1 favorite vegetable and side dish, so why mess around with anything else when you know you and your family will love them. Happy Holidays!”


Bil Goldfield,
Director of Corporate Communications, Dole Food company

“While the pandemic-era surge in fresh fruit and vegetable sales and consumption has mostly returned to pre-COVID levels, there are signs that the emphasis on cooking at home will continue, making Dole’s Chopped! salad kits and Fresh Takes ready-to-eat salads bowls more popular than ever. Savvy retailers can capitalize on this customer motivation through fully stocked displays, ​in-store messaging, and support programs that showcase value-added produce as healthy, quick, and a foundation for kitchen experimentation. It’s important to show shoppers that value-added products allow them to combine their need for convenience with their desire to create something new, even at the simplest level.”


Nelia Alamo,
Vice President of Communications, Calavo Growers/Renaissance Food Group

“Shoppers continue to focus on fresh, healthy options, but at the same time seek convenience and a variety of flavorful choices. Value-added produce can mean the convenience of Calavo’s grab-and-go bags of fresh avocados, or shelf-ready options such as our ready-to-eat guacamoles, salsa, and dips. As meal preparation at home also continues, consumers are still looking for help with meal ideas, which is where our Renaissance Food Group’s Chef Essentials and Veggie Starters lines of prepped and ready-to-use produce items can offer time savings and healthy inspiration for home culinary creations.”