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Cosmic Innovations: A Galactic Difference

Cosmic Innovations: A Galactic Difference

There are not many who would confidently say they have already touched the stars, let alone held an entire galaxy in one hand. As a trade news writer blessed with the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of innumerable ag aficionados, I would argue that anyone who has picked up a package of grapes in the grocery store has, at that moment, clasped the cosmos.

Hear me out for a second.

Similar in spherical shape to the planet that we currently occupy, the table grape is its own petite little globe—and, in itself, a profound representation of the expertise and diligence it takes to bring the fruit to the hands of the many who hold it sacred.

When you look at a table grape through this lens, you can see the weight the beloved category holds, and the galactic advantages afforded to it by Hazel Technologies.

“​Hazel Tech® has invested in building a large data set to document how our technology performs with different varieties, production regions, and seasonal timing,” says Patrick Flynn, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder, as he clues me in on the solutions provider’s cutting-edge approach to optimizing its allies’ table grape operations. “This helps give our partners peace of mind that extensive research supports the use of Hazel Tech.”

Utilized by table grape purveyors like Jasmine Vineyards, Illume Agriculture, Oppy, and many more, Hazel 100™, the company’s flagship technology, provides a host of benefits to growers—the primary being the ability to retain greener stems for longer. In addition, recent trials analyzed how the solution reduces shatter, which occurs when the grapes fall off of the stem prematurely, with positive results proving reduced shatter in key varieties like Autumn King and Autumn Royal.

In turn, the use of Hazel’s technology also presents a massive advantage to the buy-side, allowing retailers to provide their customers with a better quality product, increasing repeat purchases while reducing waste and creating a more efficient supply chain.

“​Hazel Tech is focused on building the next generation of quality-protecting technologies for the produce industry,” Patrick notes, emphasizing Hazel’s products’ positive impact on growers, grocers, and consumers alike. “We know the solutions we develop need to be easy to use and increase profits for our customers. With Hazel Tech products, the end consumer receives a better quality product with no added ingredients
or residues.”

“​Hazel Tech is focused on building the next generation of quality-protecting technologies for the produce industry.”

Patrick Flynn, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder, Hazel Technologies

Though the mission may seem vast, Hazel Tech has already achieved astronomical progress for table grape suppliers. As many of its partners witness these advancements playing out in real-time, the company helps its customers remain on the leading edge of both the grape sector and the fresh produce industry as a whole.

“At Jasmine Vineyards, we emphasize elevating the quality of our fruit, and our experience with Hazel’s product has allowed us to do just that,” notes Luis S. Katsurayama, Operations and Food Safety Manager, Jasmine Vineyards. “It is helping us keep greener stems, which, in turn, leads to better arrivals. When we trialed Hazel with our Flame variety, we exported product to a customer in New Zealand. The customer called us to tell us how amazed they were to see color still in the stems. With the length of time it takes to arrive at overseas destinations, the stems usually arrive brown—but not with Hazel.”

Kevin Andrew, Senior Vice President of Table Grape Operations, Illume Agriculture, also weighed in on the immense benefits provided by Hazel Tech.

“In 2020, we trialed Hazel 100 on some of our highest demand varieties like Sweet Globe™ and Autumn Crisp™ and saw truly promising results. The biggest benefit we’ve seen is overall stem condition—it’s a night and day difference after 45 days,” Kevin divulges. “This year, transportation has been a large hurdle to overcome. It’s a huge benefit when partnering with Hazel because it allows us to have more confidence in the condition of our grapes upon arrival. Anything we can do to preserve the freshness of our produce is a big advantage.”

While its proprietary Hazel 100 technology continues driving advancements for the table grape industry on a cosmic scale, I have to ask Patrick what else the innovator has up its sleeve for the category and beyond.

“Ensuring quality in the fresh produce industry involves a lot of variables, so we need multiple technologies to maintain quality and reduce food waste to the best of our ability,” Patrick notes. “Our plan at Hazel is to develop several independent technologies, all of which contribute to ensuring the best quality for the table grape category.”

With its sights set on the stars and innovation at the forefront, this industry trailblazer is launching the sector to a cosmic level, wielding out-of-this-world results from the hands of the grower to the consumer.

That’s one strategic step for Hazel Technologies. One giant leap for those who bring these delicious galaxies into our grasp.