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Libations For All Occasions: Some Like It Hot Winter Mule

Libations For All Occasions: Some Like It Hot Winter Mule

One of the many life hacks I have learned from our own Jordan Okumura-Wright is that temperature should not stop you from enjoying your favorite things all year long—such as her famous “hot salad.” When it was cold out, she would heat her salad up in the office kitchen, and I have been requesting she write about it for years now.

Such was the case with my adoration for a good mule. Not only has this drink endlessly evolved from its vodka-based Moscow roots, it can also deviate from its copper vehicle and be served hot. Yes, a hot mule. Because, as I will henceforth call it, Some Like It Hot.

With the Lunar New Year this month as well, it seems fitting to sip on something that may have you breathing a little fire for this Year of the Dragon. Likewise, the holiday has some fun traditions about a few fresh items you’ll find in this steaming mug: Oranges are said to bring happiness, prosperity, and good financial fortune (not a bad garnish, if I say so myself!); apples are believed to provide peaceful and harmonious life; and pomegranates represent longevity, fertility, and prosperity.

So cheers to a bright new year! May your cup overflow with these gifts in abundance!


1 oz rum or whiskey

½ oz fresh lime juice

1 dash cinnamon syrup

Spicy ginger beer

½ apple, sliced (set aside a few extra-thin slices for garnish)

Pomegranate arils, as desired

Orange wedges (for garnish)

1 dash cinnamon (for garnish)

Tea mug


Prep Time: 5 min

Cook Time: 10 min

Servings:  1 mug



1. Slowly heat the liquor of your choice, lime juice, cinnamon syrup, and spicy ginger beer. Once it starts to steam, add apple slices and pomegranate arils and stir continuously on low heat, sipping periodically for your preferred flavor.

2. Pour the hot drink into a heat-tolerant glass. I like to keep with the “mug” mule theme by using my favorite tea mugs.

3. Garnish with orange slices, fresh (unsteeped) thinly cut apple slices, and a dash of cinnamon.

Tips: The longer you steep, the stronger the flavors! Swap the liquor for your favorite maple syrup (I highly recommend bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup!) to make this a non-alcoholic indulgence.


Libations For All Occasions: Some Like It Hot Winter Mule