Sweeten your everyday!



I like my beverages how I like my winters: cool, adventurous, and rewarding. And nothing quite blends together these elements for me like mint and blueberries.

Besides harnessing my favorite colors to build bold and refreshing flavors, these two produce categories have quite a complementary relationship. Bringing nutritious sustenance and bright flavors to any dish or treat—savory or sweet—they make for the perfect components with which to charge your morning or transition softly into an evening event. Just think—produce cross-promotions for both health and wellness and holiday festivities.

Mint corresponds with tantalizing uniqueness for me, lighting up the palate with a connection to the Earth and vibrant, breathable freshness. Build blueberries into the moment and you get the same connection, both grounding and flavorfully enlightening. Here at The Snack, we talk about produce like we talk about love stories, but it is in our repertoire to do so, and, we believe, yours as well.

As we kick off the new year and circle back into the seasons, our marriage of blueberries and mint strike a strong note in our first Libations for All Occasions in 2023, with what I like to call, The Blue Mint Excursion.

So, sit back (or rally up) and take a smooth but energizing journey through this ingredient list, as your eyes and your taste buds light up with this earthy ocean of greens and blues.


½ cup blueberries

¼ cup fresh mint leaves or about 6–10 leaves

1 tsp puréed ginger or 1–3 coins of fresh ginger

1 lime, sliced in half

12 oz seltzer water or club soda


Optional for heat: 1 fresh jalapeño, sliced into thin coins, seeds removed (or leave them for additional heat)

Additional option for heat: 1.5 oz gin or vodka of your choice

Time: 4 min

Servings: 1


1. For this very produce-forward libation, combine all but 4–5 blueberries, approximately 6 mint leaves, the juice of half a lime, ginger to your liking, and as many sliced jalapeños as your tummy can (or wants) to handle in a highball or glass of your choice. Muddle away for 15 seconds.

2. If you choose to make your beverage boozy, add in 1.5 oz of your choice alcohol here.

3. Add ice to your glass till you have utilized about ¾ of the volume, then add in club soda or seltzer water.

4. Garnish with additional mint leaves, lime wedge, and blueberries and enjoy!