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BBQ SnackChat

BBQ SnackChat

If backyard barbecues are the harbinger of summer, produce is a category that helps usher in a season of flavorful opportunities. Before consumers start roaming the fresh department in search of scintillating sides and mouth-watering main dishes for their warm-weather feasts, get some brilliant BBQ season inspo from these merchandising virtuosos...

John Shuman,

President and Chief Executive Officer, Shuman Farms

“Vidalia® onions are a BBQ staple in the summer thanks to their unmatched sweetness and versatility. We encourage retailers to drive sales by cross-merchandising Vidalia onions with complementary items in the produce department, such as bell peppers and mushrooms, to enhance shoppers’ culinary experience. Educating shoppers with tips for preparing Vidalia onions, such as caramelizing them for burgers or slicing them for kebabs, is a great way to inspire creativity and elevate the flavor profile of every BBQ dish. With their unique taste and ability to enhance a variety of grilled recipes, Vidalia onions are essential for any outdoor gathering or summer cookout.”

Susan Noritake,

Director of Sales, Bako Sweet®

“We’ve witnessed the effectiveness of showcasing a physical BBQ smoker setup in-store, complemented with bright, colorful bags of Bako Sweet® sweet potatoes and other essential BBQ ingredients and accessories. This visual demonstration highlights the simplicity of integrating fresh sweet potatoes into a shopper’s summer grilling routine. Bako Sweet will also offer retailers BBQ-themed merchandising display bins this summer to serve as a reminder that sweet potatoes are not only an excellent, healthy, and nutritious choice for grilling but also a delightful way to ‘sweeten your everyday.’”

Bryan Shelton,

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Giorgio Fresh Co.

“Celebrate barbecue season with a mushroom extravaganza! Mushrooms add rich umami flavor and shine on the grill, whether solo or alongside meats and veggies in kabobs, sliders, or as a tasty side. Explore convenience and flavor with our stuffed mushrooms—our new Variety Pack and Everything Seasoned Stuffed Mushrooms are perfect companions for burgers, grilled chicken, or steaks! Strategically place mushrooms near vegetables or proteins in-store to spark culinary inspiration for customers seeking fresh meal ideas.”

Anthony Innocenti,

Managing Partner, LIV Produce

“Looking to add some flavorful and nutritious sides to your summer BBQ? Look no further than LIV Produce’s selection of delicious organic potatoes and onions! Whether grilling up burgers, steaks, or veggie skewers, potatoes and onions are the perfect accompaniment to summer feasts.

Sink your teeth into perfectly grilled potatoes, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Seasoned with your favorite herbs and spices, they are the ultimate comfort food that pairs well with any main course. Not a potato fan? No problem! Sauté some fresh organic onions on the grill to create a caramelized masterpiece. Their natural sweetness comes out beautifully when heated, adding depth and flavor to any dish.

But LIV potatoes and onions are not just for grilling—they can be prepared in a variety of ways to suit your tastes. From classic potato salads to cheesy baked potatoes, there are endless possibilities to explore. Your shoppers will be coming back for seconds.”

Montserrat Segura,

Chief Quality Officer, GR Fresh

“The GR Fresh marketing team, including myself, Margarita Gozalishvili Boncheva, and Bryan Gaytan, believe GR Fresh’s bell peppers are a great option to enhance and make your consumers’ family barbecues even more delicious. Their sweet flavor and crispy texture are perfect for adding color and flavor to your barbecue experience. Simply cut the peppers in half, season them with a little olive oil, and place them directly on the grill. Then, top them with cheese to melt and create an amazing flavor combination. At GR Fresh, we always offer the freshest and highest quality products from the field to your table. Remember, ‘Think Fresh, Choose Fresh’ for a great culinary experience.”

Steven Shuman,

Vice President of Sales, G&R Farms

“Vidalia® onions are the onions asked for by name, and the Vidalia season is barbecue season. Sweet Vidalia onions are the unsung hero of many favorite summer flavors, from salads and burgers to grilled pizzas, kabobs, and more, and they will likely find a home in every BBQ dish at your backyard outing. Retailers should inspire both online and in-store to highlight and cross-merchandise Vidalia sweet onions with other summer favorites like grilling meats and vegetables, along with photo images and even recipes. Today’s next generation of home cooks are looking for recipe discovery. Sweet onions bring the flavor and versatility consumers crave.” 

BBQ SnackChat