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Blueberry Snackchat

Blueberry Snackchat

The soft crunch of a blueberry is enticing, refreshing, and addicting—and that’s not a lone thought. Our supply-side friends are weighing in on this little berry that’s packing a mighty punch for retailers and foodservice operators. Grab a handful of fresh blueberries for yourself as these experts dish out the best way to get these produce stars into shoppers’ baskets…

Kyla Oberman,

Director of Marketing, California Giant Berry Farms

“Does anyone else feel like it’s Christmas morning every time they buy blueberries? There are so many wonderful and diverse varieties being grown today that it’s like opening a present with every new clamshell. At my house, we have fun comparing flavors from the previously purchased clamshell and discussing the growing location. We show the kids where on the map the blueberries were grown, while they see if they can find one the size of their nose! The kids use all four berries to create fun designs on their plates while getting their daily serving of colorful and healthy fruits. This is a great way to encourage shoppers through social media and direct shopper communications to incorporate fresh produce into their busy at-home lives.”

Yasmin Pacia,

Marketing Director, Trucco

“When I was asked to write about blueberries, I felt thrilled because I adore these little fruits and eat them almost every day. We lovers of blueberries are lucky because they’re available almost all year-round. They’re the perfect fruit to snack on, both for adults and young consumers. Great frozen or fresh, use them in a salad or in delicious treats like smoothies, pies, muffins, pancakes, or even bread. Blueberries are packed with antioxidants; vitamins C and K; fiber; manganese; and anthocyanin, the compound responsible for giving them their beautiful color. ‘Without blues, life would be a little flat…’”

David Jackson,

President, Family Tree Farms

“Consumers are all about quality and flavor, and so are we! As a farmer, I can say nothing beats the taste of eating blueberries fresh off the bush, but there are so many other great ways to eat them. In a smoothie, on a salad, or baked into a dessert are some of my favorites. No matter how they are eaten, this superfruit is packed full of antioxidants. Our blueberries are the industry leaders in size, flavor, and crunch! As consumption increases, we strive to deliver the best-tasting fruit using the best genetics in order to consistently produce the most flavorful fruit in the world!”

Catherine Gipe-Stewart,

Communications Manager, Superfresh Growers®

“We are fired up for the 2021 blueberry season! We continually discover some fun new recipes to wow our friends and families with. A current Superfresh Growers favorite is a twist on the classic blueberry and vanilla ice cream combo. We like to make blueberry ice cream pie by slightly melting vanilla ice cream into a pie shell, swirling in homemade blueberry syrup, and then placing fresh blueberries on top before refreezing. Simple, fast, and a sure-fire way to create an eye-catching dessert.”

Katiana Valdes,

Marketing Director, Crystal Valley Foods

“Blueberries are THE first thing most consumers think of when they think of a superfood. The more we research the juicy morsels, the more amazing health benefits we discover. Not to mention they are pretty much the perfect healthy snack. We offer blueberries year-round, and we continue to expand our domestic sourcing regions. We are especially looking forward to our Georgia- and Alabama-grown fruit this year as we are expecting a great season with good volume and quality for both. Keep eating your blueberries daily, your entire body will thank you!”

CarrieAnn Arias,

Vice President of Marketing, Naturipe Farms

“Blueberries are so versatile, they can multiply your marketing opportunities. These berries aren’t relegated to one meal occasion or just one type of use. With one pack of blueberries, you can create a standalone snack on Monday, add blueberries to a salad on Tuesday, and make a smoothie on Wednesday. Retailers and foodservice operations have a great opportunity to showcase blueberries by featuring them in multiple eating occasions and times of the day. Social media is a great platform through which to promote this versatility. From making blueberries a part of featured recipes and menu dishes to utilizing nutritional experts to share the health benefits, you can leverage your social media presence to show the many ways to consume blueberries.”

Bil Goldfield,

Director, Corporate Communications, Dole Food Company

“It’s hard to imagine another fruit or vegetable in the produce world with a better image than blueberries—clearly, they continue their rock star status thanks to their antioxidant benefits and dessert-like taste. But what perhaps isn’t as widely known is just how versatile they are in the kitchen. For every expected recipe—like our Right Note Smoothie created for Dole’s celebration of Disney and Pixar’s Soul continuing through May—there are unexpected dishes such as our Blueberry BBQ Shrimp and Pineapple Skewer Salad, DOLE® Blueberry Bliss Fresh Takes Salad Bowl, and Grilled Chicken Vineyard Wraps that tuck blueberries, lean chicken, and assorted fresh vegetables into multigrain flax flatbread.”

Blake Belknap,

Vice President of Sales, Rainier® Fruit Company

“Our blueberry program stands out: one grower, 100 percent organic, all summer. We make it simple! It’s all about the right genetics in the right spot—there are no shortcuts. We are trialing the newest genetics and are always chasing the best flavor and crunch. We are pumped to see exploding blueberry category gains. And with new plantings coming into production, we’ll delight more customers than ever. Rainier is excited to kick off another great summer!”