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California Avocado Snackchat

California Avocado Snackchat

The green gold that hails from California each season is cause for celebration in the produce aisle and foodservice kitchens alike. Not only is this special crop a boon for buy-side promotions, but it continues to be in high demand from consumers looking to elevate their meals and support domestic growers. With that signature creamy mouthfeel and extended shelf-life due to less travel, California avocados should absolutely be filling your shelves…

Gary Caloroso,

Business Development Director, Giumarra Companies

“Summer is an exceptional season to savor the delightful flavor, versatility, and nutritional advantages of California avocados. They add a delicious touch to barbecues, parties, and other lively summer gatherings with family and friends. California avocados go great on grilled burgers and chicken sandwiches, as well as in side dishes, salsas, and salads—such as cowboy caviar. At Giumarra Companies, we take pride in meeting the growing consumer demand during the summer months by packing and supplying California avocados from our two packing houses in Escondido and Ventura.”

Steve Barnard,

Chief Executive Officer, Mission Produce

“I always look forward to the California avocado season, as the crop is close by the office and we can go out and see the harvest, talk to the growers, and get a real feel for the fruit from grower to retail. The California avocado industry is where Mission Produce was born over 40 years ago. Over that period, we have made a lot of friends in the industry, from growers, to customers, to other suppliers. It’s like a big family, and fun too.”

Joe Nava,

Vice President of Sales and Business Development, West Pak Avocado

“West Pak Avocado takes the California avocado season very seriously. We started as growers in the state over 40 years ago, and today, as global packers and suppliers of this premium fruit, it is still a big part of our business. We are delighted anytime we can get back to our roots and honor our legacy by supporting local growers. We are also proud to partner with the California Avocado Commission (CAC) this time of the year to support California avocados and make sure retailers have every opportunity to cash in on the success of this coveted, in-demand fruit.”

Debbie Willmann,

Vice President of Sales, Index Fresh

“We see strong customer loyalty to our California grown avocado program. This is in part because California growers have proven to deliver both high quality and reliability that has built trust with both retailers and consumers alike. The last few years California’s supply has been tighter, nevertheless, with the rise of promoting sustainability and locally grown produce we have seen increased demand and pride around designing programs that support USA-based farms. Index Fresh is uniquely positioned as one of the few avocado companies that is owned by California growers who pioneered the category and were the catalysts for this amazing category’s growth!”