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California Table Grapes Snackchat

California Table Grapes Snackchat

Promotional planning is underway for the California table grape sector! With an extensive selection of green, red, black, and white grape varieties making their ceremonial journey to store shelves across the United States, The Snack team has our eyes trained on the many opportunities budding at retail. Category success begins with a profound understanding of this dynamic sector, so we tapped a few industry friends for exclusive variety insights, merchandising tips, and more…

Jon Zaninovich,

President, Jasmine Vineyards

“Given that the market research shows a strong preference for California-grown table grapes, both domestically and abroad, retailers could maximize sales by including signage that promotes California Grown, along with eye-catching displays of fresh bunches of red, green, and black table grapes. Summer Crunch and Sweet Globe are great to promote during this time, as well as red seedless.”

Randy Giumarra,

Vice President of Sales, Giumarra Vineyards

“While July is nowhere near the peak of production from California, July is when retailers should start featuring ‘Grapes From California.’ This sets the tone for not only summer grape sales but for the next six months of promotions. If retailers want their customers to have a great eating experience from the first bag of California grapes they purchase in July, they should spotlight Giumarra’s delicious Sugar Drops® and Honey Pops® varieties, which are much more flavorful than traditional early season greens. For reds, the Passion Fire® is the way to go with its jumbo size and exceptional shelf-life. Grape category sales are up, even with noticeable inflation in recent years, which proves shoppers are appreciating the higher-quality product. This is a win-win-win for retailers, customers, and growers. Our collective goal should be to continue providing consumers with the best grapes available because, clearly, they’re loving them!”

John Pandol,

Director of Special Projects, Pandol Bros.

“Whether you use A.I.-driven software or plan on the back of an envelope, the latest crop forecasts are key data. Growing seasons vary from year to year and so may transition dates, assortments, and promotions. Specific varieties will peak in different weeks, so plan off the forecast, not the past. ‘Just Say No’ to sticky pricing—regular pricing in the $2.99–$3.99 range and promo pricing in the mid-$2 range work. Be like berries, not apples. Do you tell your strawberry supplier what variety you want three months out? Of course not. So, why do it with grapes? Best red, best white, best black.”

George Matoian,

Grape Division Director, Mountain View Fruit Sales

“Merchandising success during grape season lies in strategically promoting diverse varieties like our exquisite red, green, and black seedless grapes that are sold under our Estate Vineyards label. With an extended availability from early July through December, our premium varieties offer a continuous supply of top-quality table grapes. We expertly grow and thoughtfully select this grape lineup, which not only caters to consumer preferences but also ensures a vibrant and attractive display, maximizing customer satisfaction and sales potential throughout the season. The success of the Estate Vineyards grapes extends beyond local markets, resonating well in export markets, solidifying its reputation as a globally recognized and sought-after choice.”