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Easter Snackchat

Easter Snackchat

Synonymous with picnics and fun in the sun, there are more than just eggs in the basket for this springtime celebration. We tapped those in the industry that know best to see what spreads your produce department can take advantage of—some traditional and some with a twist. See for yourself how you can make up and break up those tasty Easter meals...

Chris Carroll,

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Country Sweet Produce

“Sweet potatoes take center plate during Easter, and our value-added sweet potato products just made it easier! The Easter holiday helps drive increased demand for sweet potatoes. A great way to take advantage of this seasonal demand is to stock up secondary displays with value-added sweet potato products. We created our new retail display bins as an additional way for retailers to merchandise our products in a secondary location, including usage on end caps, overflow, and/or secondary placement in other departments of the store. Bagged sweet potato sales make up nearly 10 percent of total sweet potato sales, according to Sweet Potato Council April 2020, and there is a huge opportunity to build out sweet potato programs by adding Bako Sweet® Steam Bags and 3 lb mesh bags to the mix! This is a great way to promote sweet potatoes as a healthy and convenient side dish for Easter and everyday occasions.”

Mark Munger,

Vice President of Sales, 4Earth Farms

“While COVID-19 may be limiting large family gatherings for this year’s Easter celebration, retailers looking to boost their produce sales this holiday should consider highlighting their produce shelves and especially focusing on green beans. Over the years, we’ve seen retailers generate excellent holiday green bean sales by building large eye-catching displays, offering consumers a variety of pack sizes and commodity options, and featuring green beans in their holiday promotions. 4Earth Farms is uniquely equipped to aid retailers with our full line of both organic and conventional green beans—1 and 2 lb bags, washed, trimmed and untrimmed, and both organic and conventional bulk product. We have excellent supplies and quality and foresee a high demand on green beans as families prepare food for home rather than eating out.”

Anthony Innocenti,

Managing Partner, LIV Organic Produce

“Display. Display. Display. For produce managers looking for ideas to increase Easter onion sales, we suggest building a colorful display of organic red, yellow, white, and sweet onions. PLU’d at the packing house to guarantee an accurate ring, LIV Organics will have good supplies of new crop onions throughout the holiday.”

Nichole Towell,

Senior Director of Marketing and Packaging Procurement, Duda Farm Fresh Foods

“The Easter holiday is a great opportunity to bring back fresher and lighter dishes, especially with spring and summer right around the corner. Celery is the perfect addition to your menu, whether it be a garnish or a part of a main dish. With a refreshing crunch and pop of color, celery can really bring something special to the table for your customers’ Easter celebration!”

Eric Proffitt,

Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Grimmway Farms

“Carrots always move well around Easter, and since shopping can run late into the holiday weekend, we recommend that retailers scale orders in advance to make sure supplies are stocked for increased demand. Ensuring quality is the key to merchandising carrots, so bulk and packaged products should be refrigerated, rotated, and restocked constantly. Retailers can promote baby carrots in secondary displays near dips, dressings, and other complementary items, and we recommend cross-merchandising carrots with other staple spring vegetables and cooking herbs for extra visibility. While we think of carrots first for snack trays and side dishes, let’s not forget they’re a main ingredient in every family’s favorite carrot cake. Try merchandising shredded carrots with flour, frosting, and pecans to inspire dessert ideas as well.”

Luke Fountain,

Sales, Atlas Produce

“During the spring holiday season, it’s important to remember that dates are popular during Passover, Easter, and Ramadan. Many eat dates during this time to break-fast, so creating multiple displays throughout the store and keeping dates at eye level will increase sales during this busy time. Marketing different varieties next to each other will not only give the consumer choices, but it will also tempt them into trying more than one. Medjools are usually the go-to in the date community, but other varieties such as the Deglet-Noor or the Date Rolls always see an increase in sales during this season, too. I would also recommend sampling dates alongside popular date recipes and cross-merchandising dates with bananas to help drive sales.”

Katiana Valdes,

Marketing Director, Crystal Valley Foods

“Asparagus and French beans are perfect springtime veggies to promote during the Easter season. Both are typically plentiful in the early spring as favorite sides and ingredients for the holiday. Full front-and-center asparagus and French bean displays will be helpful to boost sales as well as cross-merchandising the veggies with meats typically served on Easter like ham, lamb, bacon, and even prosciutto. Asparagus is becoming a popular brunch item as well and can be added to quiches, frittatas, and other egg dishes. Crystal Valley offers white asparagus year-round, but it is also a springtime and Easter holiday favorite, so it is great to have this specialty item in stock and on display as well.”