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Peppers SnackChat

Peppers SnackChat

The noble pepper has gone far beyond diced and tossed in a salad. Still very much the bringer of color to a plate of greens, I would actually call this the classic approach to peppers. The category has now skyrocketed to greater heights, including grills, snack packs, and more. As we approach a key promotional period for the green, red, gold, and orange hues of everything from bells to chiles, find out how to maximize your pepper approach with these industry experts…

Daniel Natelborg,

Vice President, Customer Strategy and Development, Mastronardi Produce®

“Consistent quality and flavor continue to drive expansion of greenhouse-grown mini peppers in the market, which is sure to accelerate with the introduction of products like our seedless Lollipeppers Mini Peppers. Lollipeppers were recently featured in The Wall Street Journal’s top picks of ‘designer produce’ to buy right now, reflecting a surge of interest in the category.”

Tony Incaviglia,

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, GR Fresh

“Last I heard, sweet bell peppers were the second most popular commodity in the produce department behind potatoes. Their colorful, fresh, crisp look lends them to be the most fun item for creative merchandising displays in your produce department. Bell peppers are not only bright and colorful, but are famous for their nutritional value. No produce department should be without them; low in fat, high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, helping control diabetes, lowering cancer risk, helping in preventing heart diseases and controlling cholesterol, and much more.”

Steve Zaccardi,

Senior Director of Sales, Mucci Farms

“As we anticipate the vibrant energy of summer, it’s the season for bell peppers to shine with their nutritious benefits and captivating colors, perfectly complementing the season. Eye-catching displays and seasonal cross-promotions with dips, cheeses, or salad dressings are excellent ways to inspire consumers across the board. As a CEA (controlled environment ag) grower, we pride ourselves on being a bell pepper powerhouse, offering sustainable year-round supply and up to 10 times more production than traditional growing methods. With large-scale expansion plans in place, we are committed to increasing our supply to continue serving retailers from coast to coast.”

Luis Alan Gonzalez,

Sales and Marketing, SunFed®

“Highlight the vibrant colors of peppers! You can create a visually appealing display that can showcase the variety of colors nature has to offer: red, yellow, orange, and green. And offer variety—this 2023–24 season has been full of surprises within all commodities. If your produce buyers are struggling to find green bells, try increasing the other colors to keep shelves full and customers coming back for more. You can also help educate the consumer by offering enticing recipes and uniqueness of flavors within each color to ignite new culinary adventures.”

Matt Quiring,

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Nature Fresh Farms®

“Sweet S’NAPS is our recent addition to the pepper category. Not only do these peppers have shelf appeal, but they have sweetness and a texture that is not common to any other pepper! As a result, they’ll be very disruptive in the space. Promotional strategies are in place to drive sales across multiple channels, and we’re encouraging our partners to drive fun displays with our shipping displayers and high-graphic shipping cartons. We’ve specifically designed the brand to signal sweetness and snackability through visual designs and messaging while also encouraging usage occasions not common to the pepper category. Because of their high flavor and crisp texture, we’re also encouraging product demos as much as possible, as we know that, once people taste this pepper, it will be a weekly staple on their grocery list!”