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Sweet Potato SnackChat

Sweet Potato SnackChat

Is there anything sweeter than digging into a piping hot sweet potato? A classic staple that graces the dinner table in either salads, casseroles, or on its own, the sweet potato lends itself to enjoyment in a myriad of ways. Consumers clamor for the category and producers praise it, so why not take advantage of the season with this favorite that shines in fall? We could go on about the many ways to promote sweet potatoes, but we thought we would ask the growers who know them best...

Alexandra Rae Danell, Marketing Manager, Country Sweet Produce

“Growing up, my mom would make a sweet potato and marshmallow casserole for Thanksgiving. She used canned sweet potatoes, and that was really the only time of year I ate them. Now, I incorporate sweet potatoes into my diet regularly, and consumers are doing the same as they focus on self-care and seeking out healthy products that deliver functional benefits like boosting immunity. Sweet potatoes are a nutritious superfood, and consumers know it, as United States sweet potato consumption increased by 42 percent from 2000 to 2016. There are so many different ways to cook them, and I try new recipes year-round!”

Scott Leimkuhler, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, Progressive Produce

“This holiday season, we will be launching Mim’s Famous Sweet Potatoes. Our new specialty sweet potato line will offer different varieties and flavor profiles, including the Beauregard Orange, Charleston Purple, Garnet Red, Bonita White, and Japanese varieties, plus a Classic Medley pack. Mim is the beloved grandmother of one of our Progressive team members, and besides being one of the best grandmothers ever, Mim is famous for serving a sweet potato dish at every meal. Whether baked, roasted, fried, or mashed, sweet potatoes are a simple and delicious way to celebrate family traditions that always taste like home.”

Jeff Thomas, Director of Marketing, Scott Farms

“Sweet potatoes are a great compliment to many center-of-the-plate menu items. Adding color and flavor to enhance the dining experience whether in a restaurant or at home, there are so many creative ways to prepare and enjoy. Having a busy family schedule, one of my favorites to prepare at home is stuffed sweet potato skins. Roast a sweet potato, cut in half, then top with your favorites such as shredded chicken, cheese, bacon, or whatever you choose. It’s a quick and easy meal or snack.”

Rebecca Scott, Grower Accounting and Marketing Director, Nash Produce

“Sweet potatoes provide the best of both worlds—sweet and savory! Packed with several essential nutrients, they are the perfect addition, or main attraction, to any meal. Charming the produce aisle with various shape and size options, you can’t go wrong whichever way you decide to cook them! Demand for a healthy, budget-friendly, and versatile product is on the rise, and sweet potatoes are the perfect fit to satisfy any craving. Our locally grown potatoes raised under optimal conditions here in North Carolina leave taste buds ready for the next bite. Don’t believe me? Give them a try!”

Stephanie Cutaia, Marketing Director, EarthFresh

“Food trends that support the consumption of more healthful and colorful foods have continued to encourage sales of sweet potatoes in both the foodservice and retail marketplace. From sweet potato pie to sweet potato fries, this is one vegetable that has endless possibilities in the kitchen!

Thanks to their sweet taste and vibrant orange color, sweet potatoes pair well with both sweet and savory dishes. With the steady rise in interest, we are excited to launch new, innovative products that support demand for this nutrient-dense veggie. Our 1 lb Steam & Go Baby Sweet Potatoes offer convenience consumers are looking for while our 1 and 1.5 lb Baby Sweet Potatoes offered in a BioBased mesh pack meets sustainable packaging demands. Both of these offerings are also available in organics, which is a rapidly growing segment in the marketplace.”

Eric Beck, Marketing Director, Wada Farms

“Sweet potatoes continue to be discovered as a new superfood for daily meal plans. It is good to see consumers find new and creative ways to eat sweet potatoes quite regularly, especially as social media provides a catalyst for discovering new mediums to enjoy this highly nutrient-rich vegetable. Our value-added microwavable sweet potatoes are perfect for this time of year because it brings both convenience and nutrition to the table within minutes.”

Retailers, be sure to keep this category staple in stock for driving holiday sales. 

Sweet Potato SnackChat