Peruvian Onions

My Favorite Things

Lindsay Martinez, Marketing Manager, Fresh and Foods Divisions, Calavo Growers

While some relationships build with time, others spark quickly across a table. Such was the case when I met Lindsay Martinez. This instantly charismatic human is much more than her marketing prowess—getting to know her only fans the flames and makes you want to dive into all of her favorite things!

  • Brazil
  • The Dodgers/Annual Spring Training Trips
  • Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Fragrance
  • Family Time
  • Avocados
  • My Produce Family
  • My Rescue Pups
  • Laughing
  • Star Wars

"I fell in love with the kind-hearted people, culture, food, and beauty after spending time there as an exchange student when I was 16."
"Meeting the Dodgers’ Cody Bellinger at the airport when heading to a produce industry event this past February made this even more of a favorite!"
"I love how it makes me feel. I wear it even while working from home, just for me."
"Nothing better than spending time and connecting with those I love most."
"What’s not to love? Delicious AND good for you means no-guilt superfood!"
"Thankful to work with amazing people and this essential industry to bring healthy, nutritious food to people all over."
"Maisie and Rosie are little clowns filled with unconditional love."
"It really is cheap medicine. So good for both body and soul."
"As a kid growing up with the series, the action, characters, and fundamental good-versus-evil stories made a huge impact on me."