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A Closer Look at 4Earth Farms Organic Mini Sweet Peppers

Peter Piper picked a pack of packaged peppers, where’s the pack of packaged peppers Peter Piper picked? Considering this picker stems from a time of soil and sustainability, it’s likely to be found under the 4Earth Farms™ umbrella.

Specifically, the new sustainable packaging alternative for 1 lb Organic Mini Sweet Peppers.

In developing new produce packaging, the team took on a variety of unique challenges, such as how consumers consistently demand to see the freshness of the produce, making a clear display view essential. Tamper evidence is also important when thrown into sharp relief against the COVID-19 canvas, with consumers leery of any food contact. Finally, the package needs to hold up while shipping and still merchandise well, maintaining peak freshness for the produce it protects.

By utilizing uncoated, recycled paper stock, a PLA film window, and tamper-evident seal tabs, 4Earth Farms’ new pepper box checks off all the consumer needs while still being 100 percent home compostable.

With leadership in the organic produce sector and “planet” being the foundation of its corporate tenets of People. Produce. Planet., it comes as no surprise to me or my nursery rhyme friend that reducing plastic and developing more recyclable and sustainable packaging are among the passions of 4Earth Farms.

Available in 1 lb units in early 2021, along with a variety of other Earth-friendly offerings, this is a sure option for Peter and anyone else looking to pick a pack of peppers.