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A Closer Look at Church Brothers Farms Ready Sides

Cauliflower has officially stepped in for macaroni and cheese.

We knew this burgeoning veg had power, but I did a double-take when Church Brothers Farms first unveiled its new microwavable Ready Sides.

Immediately, my eyes were drawn to what I was sure was a classic—yet deadly—comfort food, but upon closer inspection revealed itself to be the Caramelized Onion and Bacon offering of the lineup’s side dishes, dressing fresh-cut cauliflower up as a gourmet plate.

Attention won. I now see myself picking up the package and discovering that it takes three minutes in the microwave, offering 8 oz of fresh vegetables, and promising zero mess and prep. And, of course, I then look to the price tag—a suggested retail price of $2.99 to $3.49.


Behind the shelf, these bowls offer three more flavors to complement my dairy doppelganger—Homestyle Buttery Garlic, Savory Italian Herb, and Mediterranean Lemon Thyme—all with a 16-day shelf-life.

Shelf-stability, convenience, a commanding presence in the aisle, and a value-added option in some of the most versatile categories in produce? I’m no buyer, but that sure checks off my shopping list.